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The Perfect Nude [Lipstick]

It’s been a while since I’ve shared favorite lippies and thought this would be a good time because I have such a mix of colors that I’ve been reaching for on rotation. As always when we talk about makeup–you do you, it’s most def not a necessary component to look “professional.” But if you enjoy it, then let’s dig in!

I continue to prefer nudes and neutrals for work, but have added a little more color, especially for days where I have events in the evening.

  1. Que Linda x Vive Cosmetics: It’s a great neutral, lasts forever (like all vive products) super good quality and just nice for an every day look. Also Latina owned, so super great!
  2. Ruler x Maybelline: I like wearing this for when I have events in the evening. This line from Maybelline lasts forever, it’s like a super stain, so it’s perfect for networking events and busy days where I don’t need to worry about reapplying.
  3. Hush Hush x Buxom + Birthday Suit x Revlon: This combo is my absolute fave right now! The pencil lippie by Buxom is great by it’s self and the fact that it’s a thicker lip pencil makes application even better. But adding the gloss just makes it perfect. It’s a super cute look.
  4. Twig x MAC: I’ve never been a MAC girl, no shade just never got into it hardcore, but this one is amazing. It’s like a perfect neutral classic and lasts for a surprisingly long time, even just for a lipstick.
  5. Flesh 3 x Pat McGrath: This is a mini because McGrath lippies go for $40 each and I needed to know if I’d like it before making that type of commitment. And um, I get the hype. It feels so velvety, and lasts a while for a lipstick (at the end of the day if you want long term wear, liquid liptsticks and stains are the better bet but this is a good one). It’s a deeper red and pretty vibrant so the opposite of neutral, but still really love it for day wear, and refreshing it on the way to an event, is nice and easy. I still don’t know if I’ll bite the bullet and get a full size, but if you’re looking for a luxe lipstick, this one is a good one.



What are you your current fave lippies right now? Which ones should I try next?

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