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The Mission Statement

Latinas Uprising was born from the frustration of visiting mainstream internet communities that discussed being a lawyer or a women professional or even a female lawyer, but never seemed to take into account the experiences we have as Latinas.  We often hear that women make around 70 cents to the man’s dollar, but that’s actually… Continue reading The Mission Statement

Law School · Legal Practice · Work Life Balance

Latina Leader: Community Coordinator Talia Rodriguez

This is another installment of the series, Spotlight On! A series where we showcase Latina lawyers and learn about the successes in their early careers. Today we hear from Talia Rodriguez, based in Buffalo, NY, who coordinates a legal aid clinic and shows what it’s like to do legal work that has a direct impact in your own… Continue reading Latina Leader: Community Coordinator Talia Rodriguez


Hello || Hola  Our Mission Statement  Latinas Uprising is a community for the young attorney looking to succeed in her new role as advocate. It’s for the aspiring or current law student working to become an attorney in spite of statistics that say it can’t be done. It is for the modern Latina with dreams, career goals, and life ambitions… Continue reading About


Why is this needed? Latinas are part of the fastest-growing and largest minority group in the United States, but compose only 1.3% of the legal profession.  Our lack of representation is due to myriad of obstacles that we encounter that deter us from even getting to law school.  Before law school, many of us had… Continue reading FAQ


There’s No Such Thing As Reverse Racism

Today, I woke up to the news that this administration is planning to investigate colleges that discriminate against White people. Specifically, they are planning to attack affirmative action programs. As an advocate for increased access to education in the Latinx community, campaigns like this make me want to scream. Anyone who is genuine about education… Continue reading There’s No Such Thing As Reverse Racism

Law School · Work Life Balance

Summer Series: The Journey to Law School

Our Summer Series for Summer 16 comes to an end! This series highlights different Latina students and law grads as they embark in their summer jobs and/or bar prep all across the country. We hope to provide a variety of work experiences, options for a healthy work-life balance, and general motivation through different guest contributors to help you… Continue reading Summer Series: The Journey to Law School