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Welcome to Latinas Uprising! This is a community for new and aspiring attorneys seeking to excel in the legal field.

Latinas make up less than 2% of legal professionals in the United States. To even be admitted into law school, Latinas must overcome more social, cultural, and systemic barriers than other social groups. No doubt, it is a tough journey to a J.D.!

Latinas Uprising is here to guide you through the higher education maze; give you tools to overcome the systemic barriers in law school; help you navigate the cultural conflicts you experience with family as you embark on a new career; and equip you with practical knowledge to advance your legal practice. Our goal is to increase the amount of Latina Lawyers in the U.S. while fostering a formidable group of mujeres who are ready to lead both in their jobs and communities.

Latinas Uprising is for the modern Latina with dreams, career goals, and life aspirations who strives to maintain her cultural identity and family traditions.

Whether you’re a pre-law student considering law school or a new attorney beginning your career there is a space for you here.

Join us!

About the Founder: 

Hi!  My name is Nubia and I’m the founder and CEO of Latinas Uprising.

In a nutshell: midwest-raised, Chicago-living, Mexican/Panamanian, total millennial, cat obsessed, writer, digital artist, former immigration attorney turned public servant turned sabbatical-taker who is now mapping out how to best serve community in a way that challenges and fulfills me. Always learning and seeking ways to grow!

More in depth:  I always wanted to be an attorney but was not sure how I would use my degree. Being a lawyer just felt like it would be empowering, which is what I need while growing up in a disempowered community and unstable home. As an undergrad, I became passionate about social justice. I recognized that as an attorney, I could advocate for progressive change. Immediately after my college graduation, I moved to Chicago to start law school. For the first half of my career, I represented survivors of gender-based crimes and low-wage workers seeking immigration, employment, human trafficking, and/or farm workers rights relief at the largest legal aid in the state. In the midst of presidential administration targeting immigrant communities, I made a switch to policy with local government to try to do the most good that I could for a city that I love. At the City, I lead all immigration policy and was responsible for ensuring all city resources, polices, and programs were accessible to any Chicago resident regardless of status, add about a hundred other responsibilities, and that was my work for four years. It was never-ending, grueling, challenging but wonderful and a master class in executive leadership all at once. In spring 2023, my appointment with the City ended and I am currently taking a sabbatical to assess my skills, vision for the future, and how I can best serve community.

The constant throughout all this is Latinas Uprising. I created Latinas Uprising because I struggled through law school and wanted to help other women experiencing similar struggles. In law school, I often felt out of place, unprepared, and questioned whether I could really achieve my life-long goal of being an attorney. It wasn’t until after law school that I realized many of those experiences and feelings had less to do with me and more to do with systemic oppression, cultural barriers, and implicit bias that impacts all of our educational and professional careers. My goal with Latinas Uprising is to expose those roadblocks and provide new & aspiring attorneys the tools to recognize and overcome them. Through this online community, which now reaches over 27,000 young professionals, I produce written and video content and create digital art centered around the Latina experience.

Let’s connect: @Latinas_Uprising–I’m way more fun on instagram!


  • Wendy Angulo

    What a great organization and site! As a NYC born Latina and lawyer is great to have an organization that encourage, uplift and provides information to Latinas interested in Law and the ones who are already part of this rewarding and at times overwhelming profession. I started following you through Instagram and that led me to the site. Great job! Felicidades y Que sigan Los éxitos!

    • latinasuprising

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m so happy that this reaches out to so many Latinas and hopeful that it does provide some support (that is often too lacking in our profession). Gracias!!

  • Brittany

    I love your blog!!
    My name is Brittany and I am a current intern at a small law firm. I am about to go into my senior year of undergrad which means beginning to prepare for law school apps, ahhhh. But I came across your blog and wanted to say I love it. It is very insightful, creative, and keeps my attention when I have downtime at the office. I am a young Puerto Rican woman aspiring to become a lawyer, hopefully in Miami. I am also in the process of learning Spanish to embrace my background as well. Thank you for your blog!

    • latinasuprising

      Hi Brittany! Thanks so much for reading and supporting the site! Good luck on y our your journey to law school! <3

  • Paloma

    I am currently in law school and have been so blessed by this blog. As a first generation college student and a Latina, this blog answers many of my questions, addresses my fears and concerns about school and post grad life, and makes me feel less lonely. Knowing that my concerns have crossed other people’s minds makes me feel heard and soothed in the midst of difficult times. Love this blog <3

  • Steph

    I am a part time , single mom Latina in law school and I am soooo happy to have stumbled across this blog! Less than 2 percent of Latinas are American lawyers and I am so determined to change that!

  • Stephanie Chavez

    Thank you for creating this space! As i start my journey to law school i am facing a lot of the things you mentioned here. It feels good to know i am not alone in this journey!

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