The Drive to be a Latina Lawyer

Recently there has been some notice given to the fact that there’s not much diversity in the legal field. The Atlantic recently discussed how the Law is the least diverse profession in the U.S. Additionally, Cynthia Mares, HNBA President, wrote an excellent piece on Latinos’ representation in the law. This lack of Latino representation has… Continue reading The Drive to be a Latina Lawyer

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Balanced Diet: Tasty and Healthy Shrimp Tacos

One of my big pet peeves is the idea that food from Mexico and Central/South America is the height of unhealthiness.  I have even read articles about doctors shaming patients when they make blanket statements that all that X ethnic-style food is bad.  In reality, there’s so much fresh vegetables and fruits in “Latino” cuisines that… Continue reading Balanced Diet: Tasty and Healthy Shrimp Tacos

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Bilingualism: Help or Hinder?

Do you speak Spanish?  Are you fluent or able to speak  just enough to talk to your older relatives?  Statistically speaking, younger generations may have less Spanish speaking capability than earlier generations.  It makes me sad to know that likely my (possible) grandchildren won’t know my native language.  Though, I am hopeful because I know there… Continue reading Bilingualism: Help or Hinder?