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Happy Halloween!

Ok how is October over?  How are the holidays just weeks away?!  I’m excited for the holidays, but I’m sure quite a few of us are feeling a little apprehensive because the closer we get to the holidays the closer we got to finals and other pressing deadlines.  I remember barely enjoying Thanksgiving my 1L year because I had to work Black Friday at a retail store and then get back to studying.  It was the worst.  But things get better!  That’s the great thing about the end of the year–it’s the start of something new!

Speaking of new–what are some topics/suggestions you’d like to see added to the site?  Any particular subject we should dive into?   Let us know!

Fall decor

It’s the end of the month so here are some of our fave articles we’ve been reading:

  • How badass is Ruth Bader Ginsberg? I love how she calls people out about wanting her to retire.  She reminds me of this Lou Rawls‘ song because there is no champion like her.
  • This article made me happy to practice in Chicago where I think (hope/pray) the immigration judges are reasonable about continuances.
  • I really enjoyed Vanity Fair’s story on Kamala Harris and Kristen Gillibrand and why they’re sick of sexism.
  • Speaking of strong women, Guatemalan feminist activists beat Monsanto.  That’s huge!
  • Sadder news from our border neighbors:  The Atlantic discusses the situation of the disappeared students.
  • Just as sad, an Op Ed describing how sex assaults are common within the Science community.  Is it too pessimistic to just accept that women aren’t really safe anywhere?
  • Not sad, but a little worrisome: too much soda can age you like smoking.  UGH.  I quit my social smoking habit a long time ago.  But soda is just so hard too kick!
  • Did you start listening to LatinoUSA?  The interview with Cristela Alonzo is great!  I’m really enjoying her t.v. show and hope the budget increases next season so we can see some actual law school interaction!

Let’s end on happy notes:

  • Interesting “history” on the sexy halloween costumes.  On the one hand, I get that it can be a little over the top–on the other, what’s scarier than a woman in charge of her own sexuality/body?
  • Wednesday was National Cat Day.  CUTE!!

My own little kitty would like to wish you a happy halloween as well!

Halloween Cat
Halloween 2013




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