Sidebar: Good Riddance 2016

Ok first, major apologies for the dead air for the past few days! I had a plan and then got sick (which, don’t worry, I’ll definitely talk about in the next few paragraphs lol and that ruined everything–but on to the post: 

I guess I can say December was better than November because nothing (hopefully) can top November 9th, but that’s not saying much. Ok let me not be negative. A lot of good things happened this month–

At work, I was promoted to senior attorney, which is maj. I’m actually really happy about that because, as nerdy as it sounds, I’ve wanted to make senior since I first heard about it back in 2011. Crazy that I’ve been here long enough to be eligible and also that I made it! exciting!  My practice group was also super sweet and surprised me a few days later with a cupcake party. It was completely unexpected too!

I’ve also been working a lot in an area of law and litigation that I have no experience in and it’s been kind of exciting. Frustrating, but exciting.

Work was also full of parties, holiday and goodbye fiestas. One of my main homies at work left and I’m still sad about it. NB: I did not do the frosting for this cake (my handwriting would be better lol).

But the holiday parties were fun.

at the all-wide agency party (which was dry #hugeeyeroll!)
At my practice group’s party, that obvi knows how to party

The holidays/year wind-down makes things a little bit easier at work as well. I decided to take the last week of the month off for vacation. I was so pumped to get a lot done and was going to do videos, etc and my luck–I got a horrible sinus infection on Xmas. Ugh. Seriously, one of my privileges now is that if I’m sick, I shut down. I remember having strep in high school and making my way to school because I didn’t want to be home, but now? If I have a sick day, I’ma take it.

Anyway, it was really lame to be sick during the holidays because we drove down to see my mom on Monday and as soon as I woke up on Tuesday I told Evan we had to drive back because I was feeling so horrible. I’ve spent the rest of the week sick. I don’t even have any pics with my nieces or got to see my brother 🙁

Before I got sick, I had a good xmas with E and his family. They don’t celebrate Noche Buena so it was a chill xmas eve and then we did breakfast/presents in the AM.  Like usu, I made out like a bandit! E got me the DNA ancestry from 23&me, which I’ve wanted forever! I’m so excited for my results!


So it was a nice month until this killer sinus infection got me.

Because I had so many events this month the cosmetic MVPs were definitely my primers and my colourpop matte lippies because they stay on forever so I didn’t have to worry about reapplying after eating/drinking. Yay.

I love beeper and tulle for work!

And with my illness (omg, I’m so dramatic), my skin took a beating. I’ve been living off of my vaseline to bring my lips back to life and apply my neutrogena eye gel nonstop to bring some moisture back to my poor eyes.  #lifeishard.


Ok  not really because I have these little babies with me:


Here’s to a happier/healthier 2017!

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