Sidebar: Netflix and Dread Only three years, 11 months, three weeks, and two days before the next inauguration. And it can’t come soon enough. What’s always supposed to feel like a fresh start and clean slate, has been mostly a month of dread. I’m almost always anxious about these new policies, “leaders,” and what it will mean to my community. And if I’m being real, what it means to my potential employment because the federal funding for legal aid is potentially on the chopping block. I know I’ll survive these next four years, but I don’t envision that it will be easy.

On a much more positive note, I’m not taking lying down nor am I in a let’s-wait-and-see-mode. F that. Of course, I participated in the march in Chicago. It was fantastic and am so glad to have shared that with my little cousin. I have also started taking more action steps to resist and fight back against this administration. Once that’s more cohesive, I may share more details.










But another big thing that happened is that my little cousin has moved in with us. She’s doing a semester in Chicago and staying with us! It’s so much fun having her around. It’s like having a little sister, but we don’t have that weird tension that sometimes sisters seem to have (if you can tell, I don’t have sisters lol). So anyway, she’s moved in and it’s been great. Though the cats have been super nosy about her new room.

Super random, but I happened to watch the Netflix series, One Day at a Time and I super, highly recommend it! I thought it was intelligent, well-done, and very slight on the cheese-factor. The laugh track/live audience is not my fave, but I quickly got over it. And the finale left me absolutely sobbing (as you may have seen on instastories). Did you watch it? What did you think?

Work-wise, things are good. I’ve gotten to do a few new things now that I’m admitted into federal court, which I’ve enjoyed. But things are usually pretty chill in the beginning of the year. Though, a client did bring me the sweetest thank you gift this month—chocolates! I shared the first box, but I just couldn’t part with the second one. #sorrynotsorry, I mean Godiva is to die for, I decided to do some “self-care” and keep the box for myself.

And to really start 2017 with a bang!–I’m a new contributor for Shop Latinx Biz and will be writing a couple pieces for them this year. My first article is already up on their site; it’s about food trucks and street cart vendors. Trust, it’s exciting stuff!

Ok so I know why you’re here—my fave makeup and skin products for the month right? Of course. So I was a freak and seeking out the new Maybelline 24k Nudes palette, which I found and loved. But then like two days later, I ordered the Peach too-faced palette and I LOVE it. Like, I’ve been using it every day and I love it, type of love. I’m a little sorry I didn’t stagger this purchase because I really want to give my 24k a shot, but this peach palette is just my boo right now.

Lipwise, I stumbled on L’oreal’s Paint lippies and they are so gorgeous. I’m glad shine is making a comeback. Of course, I bought two colors that probably aren’t great for work, but I think I’m going to be risky and try taupeless for work.

And I’ve been trying a lot of sheet masks lately because of gifts from S. Korea. So far my fave has been the snail mask. Ooey and messy, but it leaves my skin pretty soft.

Any new products I should try? Did you participate in any of the marches?

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