Sidebar: Roller Coaster

It’s already May! Like yes, you know that, but still April basically vanished. It was crazy busy for me. Mostly because I started the month thinking I was going to have to file a ton of cases because of an immigration form update, but thankfully, there’s a delay on that so work is back to normal.

me all of April

But more importantly, the beginning of the month, I went to a great event that was so re-energizing and purposeful. It was a get together of amazing woke women and it was amazing. There were so many random and happy connections that I knew this empowerment group was made to be. I left with renewed purpose about my goals for the year and totally encouraged by these women. So happy to be a part of this!

A week later, my older cousin came to visit. She is great & it was puro pari. I was so hungover the next day, while my cousin (who is in her 40s) got up in the morning to work out, like it was nothing.

I also had a lot of fun happy hours, which always means that it’s a good month.  

But if I’m being honest, one of the best events was in Pilsen where the Mexican art museum had a flautist (Elena Duran) play Pedro Infante songs, while Pedro’s movie scenes played. I love that music –it reminds me of when I lived in Mexico. It was a beautiful event. I also loved the name–Pedro, Mi Amor! It was part of the Latino Film Festival (that I never remember to go to).

Oh! But that day was also the day that I woke up with a HUGE migraine. I’ve been getting them pretty frequently for about a year, but that was the first time I had to take a sick day. I definitely need to get them under control–I got a ton of advice from my insta-amigas and am going to try it all because I def am not into relying on drugs, if I can help it.

Ok but like the main news that I forgot to mention last month is that we’re building a house (!) and that we broke ground in March  (hallelujah!), and the construction has been moving super fast! So, the goal is for it to be finished by the end of summer. We are literally picking everything –fixtures, faucets, floors. Are people interested in that process? I can share a little of what we’re picking and designs, etc. but I also don’t want to bore people…


Alright–favorite product time!

For skincare in April, I was all about my new L’Oreal Hydra Genius! It is perfect! It comes with a pump, it’s a gel, very thin but not too watery, and it really does hydrate. It has a slight scent (which I really like) but that may be too strong for some people.

And makeup-wise, would you believe I kept using my Naked Smoky palette by Urban Decay, like everyday. It’s a good palette! And I’m not mad at this too-faced melted lippie in BDay (it came in a lippie set from Sephora). Soooooo good.


OH!! And also this happened, because obvi, why not!

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