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Spring Forward: Favorite Links

How is this the last Friday of the month?!  Isn’t that so cliché to say?  But it’s true!  March is always a favorite of mine because it’s my Bday month-Aries in the house! And I’m totally the kind that milks my birthday for all it’s worth even though I’m an adult. I mean, why not? How else am I going to get Sephora money?

hello spring

Anyway, aside from my bday celebration, March was great! We talked about:


Here are some interesting articles we found around the internet this month:


  • Sex assault on migrant workers is a topic very near to the work I do and unfortunately many of the women workers expect to be assaulted at work, which is even more heart-breaking.
  • We discussed violence against women early in March and Vox shows just how hard it is for survivors to overcome being blamed for sex assaults.
  • And unfortunately victim blaming doesn’t just occur in other countries.
  • For those that claim the wage gap is due to women opting for lesser paid profession, NPR discusses a study that shows how even in the same industries a wage gap exists.
  • I love it when Latina magazine has more political articles–this one discusses Latinas that are reclaiming slurs.
  • LA Times gave a great description on what happens when USC children or Americanized Dreamers are taken to a different country.
  • This Huffington Post article broke my heart. People in power using a legal system that was created to protect those in power while continue to oppress the marginalized is nothing new. But to have someone’s livelihood leveled and have slurs cast upon them makes it extra painful.
  • Awkward chili pepper cover aside (lol que?), the Economist‘s Latino report is a must-read.
  • Related to health, I’ve definitely tried different versions of clean eating, and I liked how Refinery 29 explained the nuances regarding “clean eating.”
  • Fashionista interviewed a dermatologist that specializes in dark skin tones.  Amazing!


Ending on high notes!

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