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Gift Guide 2020!

In what can only be described as the oddest year in most of our lives it has felt weird to try to adjust and focus on “normal” things. But in the midst of so much turbulence, doing “normal” things is helpful. With that in mind, I can’t wait to share some of my fave things from this past (weirdo) year and ways you can share them with other friends and family in your life! And the best part–the majority are Latinx owned!

Let’s start with law students! While zoom school of law provides different experiences to students, the stress and anxiety of law school remains the same and that’s why I suggest:

  1. Candy. When I was in law school, I reverted to candy for energy boosts, which isn’t super healthy but sometimes you just need comfort and why not give that to the law student in your life!? I especially love the spicy Mexican candy shops popping up as alternatives to regular candy. You can also do healthier snacks as alternatives.
  2. Painless Grammar. This book rec was a big hit a few months ago. If you have a student who is learning legal writing or really anyone that wants to improve their writing then a grammar book, while seeming somewhat basic, is a godsend.
  3. Evil Eye bracelet. I really like the idea of jewelry with meaning. Evil eye jewelry or other pieces that provide protection are not only cute, but are a reminder to the student that there is someone cheering them on and looking out for them. Trust, in the midst of finals when things are strained, little symbols and reminders like this can really help reduce the stress.
  4. Sweatshirt. I used to study in a freezing cold library (because the colder the room the more focused we’d be, I guess). It was so cold! A cute sweatshirt is perfect to spend tons of time studying. Honorable mention, get your law school bestie a matching decal for their laptop!

I really love the pieces for Latina lawyers because the theme centers around empowerment.

  1. A bold lippie. You can never have enough red lipsticks and buying Latina-owned, makes it that much better. A red lipstick is perfect for evening networking events (whenever those come back), quick drinks with friends after work, or speaking on a panels. Reina Rebelde‘s red stick makes application super easy as well.
  2. Skin care help. Ok, tread lightly when you gift this to not offend, but reading this skin care guide COMPLETELY changed by skin care routine for the better. The author provides so many great tips, techniques, and explanations. Everyone should learn how to take care of their skin. It’s not just about looking young, but rather avoiding damage and mistreatment.
  3. Memory quilt. Likely, most college grads will have a ton of college t shirts tucked away. And a few years out of college you’re not sure what to do with them anymore. Enter, Memory Stitch. A company that can make your t-shirts into a quilt. I did this to my college Ts, and not only is it a super warm and comfy quilt, but it makes me so happy when I use it. I’m really glad to have found a functional way to keep my shirts rather than just keeping them in the back of a closet and/or donating, which, let’s be honest, no one would really re-purchase.
  4. Not the Interpreter mug. The best way to reclaim the othering that happens to use when we go to court or when employers try to take advantage is to laugh. This mug is tongue-in-cheek and reminds others that you know exactly what they’re doing when they “confuse” you for an interpreter.

The past four years have been incredibly difficult for most of the legal profession but immigration attorneys especially deserve some extra love.

  1. Art. Why not support so many fantastic artist who speak truth to power through their art? It’s perfect for an office and to motivate you to keep going. This piece is by Maricosas and is so bold and powerful.
  2. Undocumented Americans. Yes, most immigration attorneys know the hardship of undocumented americans, but not like this. The deep dive Karla does in her story is moving and a great motivator for us to keep going. It’s also a great gift for immigration attorneys to give to others as a peek into the client community you serve. Bonus points if you purchase from a local book store!
  3. Chinga la migra. Like seriously. This tote from Purple Pineapple is great and lets people know where you stand. She has a bunch of other cute items as well.
  4. Las Poderosas T-shirts. Take your pick of Jusitica, Fe, or Libertad, either is a great t-shirt to wear during your late night/weekend case prep.

Finally, we can’t forget parents, especially the moms in our lives that keep us going. The key here is that moms can be anyone that support our goals and provide us comfort.

  1. A Mask. Yes, ya’ll we are in a pandemic. We have to make sure our loved ones are safe and an extra mask is always helpful. My go-to, time and again, is from cha cha covers. Her masks are colorful, sturdy, and affordable.
  2. Art. I love Annette’s Illustrations and how she brings out the vibrancy of Central America. I immediately purchased the Panama print, and for Mamas who aren’t always able to buy extraneous items, a little art piece like this that reminds them of home could really make them happy.
  3. Coffee. If the moms in your life are coffee or tea drinkers, why not give them high quality, traditional coffee to enjoy? In Chicago, we’re lucky to have a few Latinx owned shops but so many of them also ship online!
  4. Aguas Mug. Fact: your mom doesn’t want anyone to forget that you are in law school/are an attorney. Give her (or your aunt or abuelita!) this mug for her to use at home with visita or to use at work (once it’s safe to go back).

What are some things you’re excited to gift your friends this season?!