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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve! So excited for the short week and eager to bring in the New Year with some good drinks, great music, and delicious Mexican food!

easy new years eve dishes

For those going to parties and in need of a last-minute dish to bring–here are three options for ridiculously easy and tasty dishes you can share as you celebrate New Year’s with your family and friends!

One.  Grapes.  I know what you’re thinking: what!?  It may seem silly, but grapes are a staple Mexican New Year’s tradition.  Eating grapes at the stroke of midnight is supposed to help your New Year’s wishes come true.  So pass the grapes and share this bit of cultural trivia with your friends.  And happy coincidence–fresh grapes pair so nicely with champagne!

Two. Your fave two-ingredient cocktail.  We’re partial to Palomas (Tequila mixed with Squirt).  It’s fresh, potent, and not overly sweet. Super simple, but will be very appreciated.

Three.  Caprese Crostini.  A little more complicated, but a great option if you’re going for savory, and bread dishes are always appreciated when alcohol is involved.  Instructions: 1) slice a French baguette in ½ inch pieces; 2) brush with olive oil; 3) toast until lightly golden; 4) placed sliced piece of mozzarella (from a fresh mozzarella ball) on the bread slices; 5) stick a cherry tomato on each slice (keep in place with tooth pick); 6) sprinkle basil spice over the slices; 7) lightly splash balsamic vinegar on each piece.  Ta da!

Hope everyone has a happy New Year!!