Work Life Balance

Some is Better than None

Everyone is super busy right now.  Exams, new jobs, end of the year wind-downs, the holidays, family–the list goes on and on!  It’s so easy for our health to take a backseat when there seems to be so many more pressing issues.  But it’s so important that we take on the attitude that our health isn’t something that can be compromised.  I struggle with this mindset everyday.  It’s so easy to just buy lunch, instead of packing something healthy; to sleep in, instead of getting up early to exercise.  But I also know that the more I put off my health, the harder I’m making it for myself because the chances of heart disease, diabetes, etc aren’t something remote–they’re very real within our community and in most of our family histories.  So–even though we’re all busy, I thought I’d share three of my current favorite quick exercise videos–

Tracy Anderson is killer and this 8 minute arm exercise makes my shoulders want to cry.  I try to do it before hopping into the shower.

I recently found another Tracy: Tracy Campoli.  First, I love the focus on chin/neck muscles because yes, I stare down at screens all day.  I never had thought of exercising that area and while you don’t “feel the burn,” I feel a nice stretch on my neck and chest.

Another favorite Tracy Campoli vid.  10 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  It’s easy, fast, and you need very little space or equipment.  I like it because HIIT has been proven to be super effective, and her videos are basically fool-proof.


What are some of your favorite quick workouts?