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Side Bar: Bring It On

Hi! It’s been a while since there was a new post. I hate that. On the one hand work and the new role in addition to responding to a huge migrant need takes up a lot of my time but on the other I have been going back and forth on what is most useful for this site. Don’t worry (or sorry to disappoint) but I am not stopping writing here and creating content. But being as far removed from law school as I am, I have questioned myself about when is it time to stop talking about that. I mean, not to sound old, but when I applied you could still send in paper forms. There have been a lot of shifts that I can’t always provide guidance on. So the more I’ve thought about it the more it makes sense for me to shift to discussing more of what it’s like to actually practice and be a lawyer not necessarily becoming one. However, I don’t think I can promise to never write about law school again and the reality is that the experience of a first gen/immigrant student does impact so much of what our next steps and careers look like that it’s important to discuss and dive into that experience.

So there may be a shift in content but my goal remains the same–empowering you to go for your goals and to shine the light in why it’s imperative for us to join this profession, especially if you feel that it is your calling. I’m excited for this change and I think it will inspire a lot of great content. I want to explore how you really find mentors in your practice; how do you work towards your career goals; what happens when you face microaggressions at work? So stick around because it’ll be interesting and fun!

Aside from this shift, I am ready for the new year. I felt like 2022 was a year of waiting and I’m ready for action. Though it is a bit unfair to paint it that way–2022 was filled with travel (including a return to my beloved Paris and Puerto Vallarta), two promotions (!), a lot of growth in both personal and professional life. I’m leading a team again, which is exciting But after three years of work nonstop, I’m ready to add a little more life to the work-life balance.

I’ll leave you with some of my fave moments of ’22:


  two hands holding ice cream in cones with the ocean as the background a woman on a podium at a community town hall


I’m excited for ’23 and what’s to come and I hope you are too!!