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It’s November–yikes. I still have a few new year’s resolutions to meet (yes, I’m still keeping track because they’re on a ~vision board~ that stares at my face every morning. And I think I’m weird enough to try and get them accomplished before the end of the year. But before that, can I just say that October was crazy short. It was a whirlwind.

Starting with work–we had Latinx heritage month celebrations, which are always super fun. I wasn’t able to do too much planning of it this year, but the events I went to were great.

I had a lot of fundraising events to attend and that included an event at Chicago Ideas Week, which I had never been to (and actually didn’t know what it was until my event lol). But what a cool concept!

That same day was the employee recognition reception where I was recognized for five years, which is not accurate so kind of weird b/c I’ve been at my agency since 2010…but I appreciate the recognition lol

And then even bigger part of work is that I started something new–I started teaching!

Ok first, it seems weird to call it teaching because I only like lectures and I’m for sure not giving a lecture in this class. Instead I’m facilitating discussion for a 1L course that discusses professional development through the lens of dismantling implicit bias.

I’ll admit I was nervous and it was weird that I was sick the day before my first class (I had a random 24 hour fever–so weird) but the day of, the students were really involved and willing to engage so that went far. And so far, it has been respectful if not awkward (it’s uncomfortable to talk about race/gender/bias). What I have liked most is the ability to not just facilitate discussion but guide them into thinking like lawyers—which always felt like a distant concept to me as a student, but now on the other side, it is totally a thing. And it’s fun pushing back so that they think beyond their first instinct.

For example, one assignment is to help your client deal with a potential litigant that is threatening to sue. A lot of first reactions is to pay the person to go away, but in real life your client won’t want to hear that and more importantly you may have many other tools at your disposal that will allow you to NOT pay damages. And obviously these are 1Ls so they don’t have the experience yet but it’s kind of cool to have a hand in that development.

So that has taken up a bit of my time, but it’s been really productive for me.

Outside of work, we have basically started to foster/semi-adopt a beautiful little (big) stray cat from the neighborhood. My husband went all out and has him living in the garage. And honestly, I would let him in with us except that my two cats are INSANE and cannot function together, and I can’t imagine (or deal with) the chaos of adding a third. Poor baby…so if you’re in the market, let me know!

And as I mentioned in Insta, my life is more than my cats, I promised. I went out for a coworker’s bday, drinks with my work BFFs, which was SOOOOO needed, and I went to the amazing pop-up by Vive Cosmetics in Pilsen.



Halloween, I dressed up as a Vampire and we went out for the night. I had to do the most with my fangs, but I really recommend this costume because it’s super easy. Just use denture glue for the fake nails and das it.

And now other than thinking of how I’m going to accomplish my last year end goals, I have to get ready for vacation because we’re going to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow!

Of course, I can’t leave you without my faves:

Skincare: The face roller. Omg, it’s supposed to help de-puff and fight wrinkles. No se if that’s true, but it feels so.good. On your face. Like a little massage after a long day, and I never realized the tension my forehead holds and it just is amaze. I love it.

Makeup: I mean, I’ve been using my new Vive lippies all the time. I got the new color of que linda, but honestly Senorita has been my go to for a lot of nights out.

Hope you had a spooky halloween!

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