Side Bar: We’re Back!

Hi, remember side bar posts? Where I share a bit about general things happening my life to keep things fresh and interesting?! I barely remember that. Frankly, sheltering in place and then working during a pandemic meant things were pretty boring. How many virtual zoom meetings could I talk about?!

But things are feeling more “normal,” and being tripled vaxx’d (yes, booster included), I feel so much better going out to community (a job requirement) and not just staying at home.

October included a trip up north, which was nice—minus having to evacuate a theatre because of a shooting—thankfully we were far from the danger! I spent most of the weekend helping E’s place feel a little more homey.

Cici was jealous of a golden cat statue so she kept sitting in front of it lol.

Back in the Chi, I spoke at the Latina Expo on a leadership panel. I really like being able to expand my discussions beyond law school (though that is always exciting to do).

Celebrated the third budget passing—this was months of work, long nights, and that’s all I’ll say about that!

Got boosted.

Had a dinner at Tzuco, super fancy!

And went to my first in-person networking event since 2020. This extrovert is ready for a lot more!

Also, I can’t believe we are almost done with this year. Is this adulthood? It just flies by?! I’m not sure I like that.

But instead let me end with what I do like—a few goodies I picked up at the Latina Expo! Pieces I’ve been using nonstop:

1) Anjolie Candle Company. I picked up this baby candle in Chucks and Pearls and the smell is divine! It’s so fragrant, has a slight crackle, but doesn’t burn fast. It’s so good!

2) A gold elephant bracelet. Blame it on ‘Bama Rush Tik Tok, but I’ve been wearing bracelets more and more often. When I saw this little gold elephant bracelet at a vendor stand I had to have it. It’s gold plated, so it won’t turn or mark the skin. It’s so cute. Elephants are a fave of mine.

3) Honey Baby Naturals Body Jelly. OMG. I’ve tried Honey Baby for my hair before and really liked it, but this jelly for the skin is amaze. It is like a dry oil, I put it on in the morning before work on my hands and arms. It doesn’t stain my clothes, and doesn’t leave a streaky residue. It is super moisturizing with a nice, light scent. Will be great for the upcoming winter.


How was your October? How are you preparing for the end of the year?

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