Side Bar: What is even going on?

Ok like how is it only barely March and we’ve experienced being on the brink of war and now a pandemic, like 2020 are you ok?! I mean it is my bday month, so I guess things have to start looking up, but the darkest timeline is going haywire.

Anyway, I’m sure everyone is as confused/concerned about everything as I am. One of the silver linings is that I have gotten real serious about reducing waste. I’ve started experimenting with a lot of plant based recipes (though I don’t think I’ll ever get on soy/tofu train because the texture seems yuck to me), but that has been fun and while I’m not trying to go vegan or anything, I’ve been pleased with how much I’ve been able to limit my meat and diary intake. If you have good recipes share them with me, por fas!

lawtina lunch
especially lunch!

Aside from this shift, nothing major has been happening. My work has been completely time-consuming, which is typical. I mean, I literally flew to New York City for one day to attend a training on the census, which was kind of bonkers (though super useful!).

I forget how absolutely massive NYC is

Oh! omg, I almost forgot (because literally days blend into one another)–I spoke at a press conference with Rep. Garcia (aka Chuy) and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Isn’t that wild? This is my second press conference. So bizarre that I get to do that.

If you read the news, you know that immigration + Chicago is a constant target. No comment on that at the moment. But what I can talk about is the census! lol I’ve been living and breathing the census for half a year now. I never knew it was as important as it is and soon you’ll see a city-wide PSA launching throughout Chicago that yours truly had hand in creating (to be clear, I did not literally create the art–real professional designers did, but I am coordinating the launch of the PSA). From now until April 1, it will be census 24/7, to make sure people are ready to self-respond before the summer.

Before the month ended, I was able to sneak away to Mexico. A quick vacation to Puerto Vallarta was exactly what I needed. This is the fifth time we’ve visited and it was as good as ever. We have a few fave restaurants, stores, etc so it feels super comfortable. It was 80 every day. I got an awesome tan (always the goal). Super recommend PV if you are looking for a vacation spot.

this little cat has found a home at one of the restaurants and I kept feeding her shrimp 🙂

Pool at our airbnb

could not get enough chips
finally tried Pancho’s Tacos.

On vacation, I use a very simple makeup routine–liner and a bring lip. I took a new lippie from the Lip Bar a Black woman owned company and it was perfffff. I think I’m going to be a neutral color just to see how it goes for work.

First night so I wasn’t tan yet lol

Anyway, while this is my bday month,  I’ll actually be thrilled when the month ends because ~CENSUS~  And by April, the work will be less coordinating and more mobilizing, which in my mind will be easier to organize. What is a work goal you have for the month?