Sidebar: All Talents & Skills

It’s the end of 2018 and I can’t say that I 100% met my goals for the year but I definitely accomplished more than I thought I would and that is progress. The main thing is obviously this site. Working on the logo–actually the turn around time after I commissioned Carina was quick, but the concept, believing that I should do it, tracking down a graphic artist that had the skills I wanted, took time. But this new lewk has inspired me like no other. I feel like Laney in She’s All That after her eyebrows have been tweezed. Is that too old of a reference for many of you? hmmm ok I feel like whatever nerdy girl felt like after she took off her glasses in whatever teen movie de jure applies to your generation. Meaning, that this site finally looks/feels like itself.

And that has ignited me to get ready for 2019. I have lots of ideas and projects underway that I hope everyone will enjoy. Including, re-starting the Latina Leader series, featuring some really amazing women. Most importantly, my mantra for 2019 is all talents and skills to Latinas; a little reminder to myself that my focus needs to be on my work and not other places that aren’t as receptive.

Ok, outside of the blog, work (you remember that I’m a full-time attorney right lol) has been busy. Not as out of control as it could be–trust, my reality would be so different if I lived in a border city or did active detention work. But instead, because it’s a large legal aid, I have the benefit of things moving a little bit slower because we have more resources and support. I don’t take that for granted at all. I feel like my org is one of those rarities where there is a work/life balance in that no one expects you to stay late into the night. So things are chill for me there. The biggest obstacle I’ve been working on is my patience. As always, a true aries/ENTJ personality, I find it difficult think of others lol. And that’s not because of the people I staff, they are really great, actually and have made my work so much easier. But it’s just my default to want people to get it the first time I say it and to feel exasperated when they don’t. Or to problem-solve the issue for someone because it’s faster rather than letting people walk through it and learn on their own.

But I got to say, I’m aware and I’m trying. So what more can you ask of me. lol Beyond my own professional growth, there was hella holiday parties this month. All of them were super fun. Only one had karaoke but I got a vive gift card at the other one so win-win. Do you look forward to your holiday parties (if you have them)? I don’t have a lot of trepidation like some people do with these gatherings but I can totally see why some people do.

group party that I planned!
shots that I may or may not have bullied staff to take LOL

Ok and the saddest thing at home was that the cat we fostered moved on to his new foster home. Lafayette was with us all summer, and my husband basically built him a little condo in the garage. He had a schedule with us and everything. We would have kept him if our other two weren’t deranged. But it was too dangerous to keep him in the garage (he had access to the outside). He’d get out and got into a couple of fights. Strays just don’t have long life spans and by getting him indoors he’ll hopefully get to spend his time healthy and happy. But it’s sad to not have him around anymore…

his little eyebrow has since cleared up (scratch from a fight)

Happier news–I discovered something for my makeup fave that I just can’t get over! You may have seen me on insta acting extra with long af nails and that’s because I discovered two brands that have high quality press-ons that I looooooove. LOVE. I’m going to do a video about it, but these things are so amazing. Are you a long nails fan or do you dislike them? I won’t front like they don’t make things a teeny bit more complicated (say goodbye to peeling oranges) but #beautyhurts, I love the look right now!

And skin, I randomly used Laniege’s lip sleeping mask (sample I received) and it’s so good. It’s not sticky, super moisturizing, slight flavor but nothing overwhelming. I use it at night and it’s perfect, especially if you use a lot of liquid/matte lipsticks.

What are your fave makeup/skincare brands for the year? What should I try?

Ok and for those that have made it this far–here is a little surprise: Latina Uprising stickers and merch (using that term loosely) are now available! Check it out here.