Sidebar: Did I get any color?

February was a whirlwind–it feels like it was a million years ago but probably because I had so much going on–which is nice because I like being busy but also that means that there is only so much I can do with my limited hours. And sometimes this site suffers, which I don’t like, but thanks for your patience!

The most important part was that I went on a badly, sorely needed, well-deserved vacation at the beginning of the month. We went to Puerto Vallarta, which is just heaven. I’m sure there’s more to do in Vallarta than sit at a beach, but that’s literally all I want to do on vacation. We spent three days in Vallarta visiting the beach club and just eating, drinking, napping, and swimming in the ocean. It was super. And I got an amazing tan! I know I shouldn’t let myself tan (I know!) but I like myself darker so I can’t stop myself.

day one

last day: mission complete

Of course, right when we got back from vacation I had to deal with like a week of weird sinuses/allergies. So that was kind of lame.

Aside from vacation, I also celebrated a friend’s 30th bday; went to a Jon Mulaney  show (love him!); celebrated Valentine’s day; and then celebrated my cousin’s 21st bday!

I also had a lot of events for work. At the beginning of the month, we had the annual gelato social, which was a little bittersweet for me. I can discuss now that I had applied for another position in my company and didn’t get it. #wompwomp.  It happens, but I went to the social (like I do every year) and surprised myself at how raw I still felt about missing out on the position. I think it’s ok (and normal!) to still feel disappointed, but I’m also a forward-looking person and am eagerly considering what my next options should be.

Work was also very emo this past month because I had to say goodbye to another colleague. I can’t even talk about how sad I am that they’re gone (you could probably tell by all my emotional insta posts lol). I know people leave all the time–it’s normal, but this one hurts a little more than others…

goodbye party </3

Ok aside from being sad, work was also busy! I did my first 40 hour DV training in Spanish, which was a new challenge that I’m glad I attempted. It reminded me that even though I’m fluent in Spanish that it doesn’t hurt to make sure my vocabulary is more expansive.

And then I did my last outreach trip (ha, not really last, but I don’t think I’ll do another for a while). I went with a group to St. Louis and it was great–I even learned a few new games to play on long road trips 🙂

the glamours of business travel in legal aid

And what you came for:

Makeup–not flashy, but I have been IN LOVE with this angled brush. I line my upper lids every day (issa habit) and used an angle brush forever. But when I came back from Tampa in December, my brush became mangled in my makeup bag. Quelle horreur. I immediately bought another brush and this brush. This brush is amazing! It’s thin and precise. I love it.

Skincare–after the beach, my skin was a little dry so I bathed it in argan oil almost nightly (I usually alternate). This is the night oil that just works for my skin–not too heavy so I don’t break out, no scent, and it feels divine.


So as you can see, February was emotional and full. It was a little hard, but I think it will lead to better things in the future. We shall see. Mostly, I’m excited we’re in March because…it’s my birthday month! And like a typical aries I make it into a whole thing.