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Sidebar: Grateful

This month felt a lot more like the “before times” than ever before and that is a good and bad thing.

So the good, because of the booster, we felt comfortable enough visiting my in-laws, which I haven’t seen in a long time. This meant an overnight trip the farm! I haven’t been there in forever and while some things were a little different (no more cows), everything else was like nothing had changed. Good food, E got to play IT expert to make sure his parents stay connected to the internet and it was really nice to get away. It’s hard to describe how calm and quiet it is. There are no city lights streaming into windows or noises from cars throughout the night. Literally I had the moon streaming and that’s it.

bedroom window

We also hit up our favorite restaurants (an excuse for selfies!) and, of course, Christkindlemarkt!

christkindlemarkt mug

Work also felt normal in that I had a ton of events out in public–and so grateful that many of the events required proof of vaccine. More of that, please!

I had an amazing dinner at Tzuco:

attended the consular corps gala:

celebrated the Polish community:

casimir Pulaski

Celebrated Native American Heritage Month:

native american heritage banner

and attended a Thanksgiving for refugees:


All of that was super fun and a nice break from Zoom after Zoom.

Of course, things weren’t perfect. I already detailed a bizarre incident that happened. And maybe the silver lining is that it’s created a new boundary, where in the past, I would just take ppl talking to me any which way because it’s part of the work, I’m actually not going to tolerate that–because I don’t have to. And it’s a good thing for us to be aware of our boundaries (or create new ones) and demand basic respect. If anything, I hope you feel empowered to do that too!

Totally new subject–in an effort to get my migraines under control, I went to my doctor for my annual checkup and I have a vitamin D deficiency. Like it’s really bad lol And our course very few foods naturally have vitamin D. So, I’ve stocked up on some fortified foods, am switching back to cow’s milk, and am going to up my fish intake. If you have any tips on increasing vitamin d pls let me know!

Oh and another change this month was how I approached my caring for my home. I want to give it another week or so before sharing but I think I may have found an approach that works for me that lets me have my weekends free. It’s major!

Anyway, it’s not the end of the month without sharing some of my fave things! They’re pretty simple this month:

Static Nails: I stock up every Black Friday and got a ton of polishes! They are such great quality and have a huge sale this time of year.

Hija de Tu Madre: This is the second year I’ve used their planner and scooped up the Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana planner to prep for 2022. Very excited for all the good stuff coming down the pike for Latina Uprising!

Laura Mercier: You know I’m obsessed with shadow sticks and diverged from my normal Bobbi Brown to a purple-iridescent stick from Laura Mercier. It’s not my everyday color (like BB is) but it’s such a fun, but understated pop of color. Still appropriate for work setting but you can do it up in the evening for a night out. Really happy I tried something new!

My ultimate favorite is that we unveiled this year’s holiday merch! Will trade legal services for Tamales/Pasteles. Available in full graphic T or embroidered. They are are so cute! Shirts and mugs available on etsy!

What did you get for Black Friday?