Sidebar: Is the World Ending? asking for a friend.

Wow. What a weird month. I have family in Tampa and prayed to Cristo Negro that they’d be safe. Thankfully they made it through, but then the horror in Mexico City, then more hurricanes–it’s too much. On top of all the political garbage…

I avoid a lot of news and politics now because I know I can’t consume this horror in such a big scale. It’s too much. But I’m doing what little I can to help with DACA and the hurricanes aftermath.

Ok, thankfully, not everything was horrible. Though, now that I think about it, it is kind of comical–E and I tried to celebrate the end of summer and failed. We were rained out of Boricua Fest, which was super disappointing!

Then kind of out of obligation went to the beach only to be rained out there as well. womp womp. goodbye summer 17.

We did hang with friends–super amazing ones!

this was on the door as you walked into their home.

And even went to Second City (a belated anniversary gift) where we discovered a really bomb Mexican restaurant.

But if I’m being honest, I think though the highlight of my month is that a lot of my fave tv shows are back! Specifically broad city. YQY. so happy. Also did y’all watch American Vandal. So hilarious.

I also saw the Dolores doc with my friends (who are sisters) and it was amazing! First, of all, I’m always filled with so much positive energy after I hang out with them! They are the best! And the Dolores doc–you must watch! I thought I knew a lot about her, but it really showed just the sacrifice, strength, and skill she gave us to make things better. I also loved the aspect of the hurt her sacrifice caused her children (11 of them!). We ask so much of our civil servants and don’t think about the risk and trauma imposed on their kids.

But the biggest part of the film for me was her rejection of living a comfortable life. That takes such courage, to decide to live your life for others–I just don’t have the words to explain how grateful we should be for her.

Please watch it!

Ok work: Big changes at work! In that there’s a new head director so I’m sure that will come with some changes. I did participate in our big legal aid conference that happens every three years. I spoke on a panel about immigration remedies. I enjoy doing these presentations, but I’m ready for a new challenge, tbh. I really want to start doing more trainings/presentations on other topics I’m experienced in, if only to try something new…

The conference was fun though! Esp the after party (I was def still feeling it the next day).

reviewing my notes before the conference



Moving update. Omg, you guys?! We’re moving. Like next week. I can’t even believe. Once the house is prepped, I’ll do a video tour #excited! Like tbh, I’d be happy to move anywhere because this past year has been a little bit like roughing it in our current house–but I think once I move and see my new place it will really set in.



Faves for this month:

I randomly purchased a vivid violet lipstick from the Maybelline matte line. It’s such a pretty purple! I have a lot of purples/violets, but this one is just the right of electric color without it falling into a comic-like state. Very pretty.

As for skincare, I used up my tatcha water cream this month.

It was a sample that I got in a set. It was perfect for summer. Very water-based and thin. I hate thick/heavy creams so this was perfect for me especially during this past week’s heatwave. Ugh bring on fall!