Sidebar: It’s Christmas?

In what will surprise no one, this month got away from me. Obvi you could tell because content was sloooooow around here. My bad. In my defense, I was sick for the majority of the month so that really does a number on me.

The month however started incredibly well! I saw Marc Anthony in early December and he was great! I only go to see Beyonce, but my husband (who does not speak/understand Spanish) thought he’d enjoyed Marc Anthony so we decided to go. He’s such an amazing performer!

waiting to get into the concert
papa! <3

So I thought I was ending the year with a bang and then I went to bed with a weird sensation in my eye. I’m not going into my long drama about my eye issues but I knew it wasn’t good when I could feel my eye tearing up throughout the night. FUCK, I thought. I woke up and immediately scheduled an appointment with urgent care (rather than going to my ophthalmologist) and that was a dumb idea because I think that doctor thought I was fishing for drugs, but like who begs for eye drops?! Whatever. Two days later, the swelling went down and I was back at work, with glasses. Which I hate (another saga). And by the weekend, I had a weird tickle in my throat and was sneezing more than normal.

You can kind of see how swollen my left eye is (but thank God for filters!)
I’ve never drank more sprite than this month while I was sick! The bubbles felt nice on my sore throat

That began my cold for 2017. Now that I’m older, colds really wear me out and this was no different. Except…I kind of had something hella important happening at work so I went hardcore in trying to remedy the cold. You guys–I chewed on raw garlic, gargled paprika, ate honey (yuck), and went through an entire bottle of cold syrup. I hope it helped. I’ll let you know soon if it did.

So I was sick for a while. I did muster the energy to go to my holiday party at work. I actually help plan it so I was glad not to miss it. It was fun, though I was kind of low-energy which sucked.

too many margaritas!
There was an ugly sweater contest and I helped make the prize trophy–an ugly sweater!

The following week, I basically hauled ass at work to make up for all the lost time and the fact that I was leaving for vacation at the week’s end. I worked late, brought work home (so glamorous, I know). But I got everything done because I headed to Florida to celebrate Xmas worry free! ayyyeee

So I love spending the holidays in Tampa. It was an absolute whirlwind with a party every night. My fam down there does a posada and each family friend hosts one of the nights. I hadn’t been down there in a couple of years so I forgot the process so color me surprised when we had to do the rosary each night. Let’s just say my feelings with Catholicism are complicated, but culturally, I adore la virgen and what it means to my family.

The parties were lit, like usual.  And we were able to spend Xmas at the beach/heated pool and that was so bomb.

my aunt <3
Took this gift away from a T***P supporter LOL
Xmas Sunset
Xmas at the beach

We came back on Xmas day and I started my staycation. It’s been so nice to wake up leisurely, work on things I want to work on, and stay indoors (it’s so cold!).

How did you spend the holidays? Any fun NYE plans?!

I’m excited that everyone in the house is healthy so we’re actually going out for NYE–yay!

Ok so last best faves of the year!

Skincare: Because I’m off for a week, I’m doing a hardcore exfoliation regimen. These pads do not feel awesome, but they really give me that skin scrub you need to get rid of dead cells. I add the boscia peel every other day as well.

Makeup: I have been reaching for my original too faced chocolate palette lately. I’ve loved the matte browns and plums for winter time. This is such a good palette. I’m going to likely purchase the gold edition (took back the white chocolate) and see how/if I like it.

Obvi a favorite

See it in action:

Ready for 2018!