Sidebar: Let’s Do Lunch

I feel like I spent all of April “networking” (i.e. meeting with friends for coffee/lunch) or real networking (i.e. meeting with other professionals for work events). Either way, it was a lot of coffee/wine.  I saw a lot of people from outside my agency (both former coworkers and just people I know from the community) and it was SO cathartic to be able to talk about the general complaints about work, being a person of color in the law, plans/ideas, etc–I’m definitely adding more coffee dates to my summer!


The official events for work were actually fun (surprise). One was at City Winery, so that was great because obviously their wine selection went beyond “red,” lol.


I also said goodbye to yet another colleague (it seems never-ending recently). And made some more moves at work–which if all goes well, I think I’ll be able to talk about it soon…

goodbye cupcakes
goodbye party

More importantly, I saw a lot of family this month! My mom came to visit, which is always fun.

We also visited my in-laws at the farm. There were baby cows! My father-in-law has some cattle so we were able to check out a brand new baby. Super cute.

We also went to a Cubs game and it was FREEZING. We had tickets and didn’t want to pass up the game, but omg it was soooo cold. My hands were hurting, it was so bad. But it was fun-ish (baseball isn’t exactly my favorite lol).

Ok so I’ve been in a blue mood (maybe the Cubs inspired me?). I’ve dabbled in blue eyeshadow most weekends and I love it. I used to wear more vibrant colors in college so when I can do something “colorful” like this, it makes me happy. I used my trusty covergirl eyeshadow quad in tropical fusion (a really great addition even if you don’t use colors often).

And because I’m extreme, I’ve been defaulting to super neutral nails all the time. Bare With Me is still a favorite and I think it’s a color I’ve used more than any other.

As for skin care–can I take a second to tell you how much I love Finishing Touch Flawless hair remover? It is amazing. I’m going to buy another one just to have a backup. Aside from peach fuzz, I like to use it to shape my eyebrows–it’s just so fast and easy! Super recommended!

Do you like using bright eyeshadows or stick with neutrals all the time?