Sidebar: Love and Mental Riots

So…I feel like my life is marked in pre & post-election. Like the bombardment of bad news, stupefying news, racist policies, behaviors, etc. etc. is enough to drive someone crazy. I feel like I’m constantly seething. To find a balance, I keep distracting myself (like everyone should) because I just can’t be “on” and available to react to all the stupidity coming from this administration all the time. But in the inside, I’m super angry. And because I’m also super petty, I’m relishing in a ton of schadenfreude because you know that’s healthy…

But anyway, let’s keep this positive! A few weeks ago, I received my results from 23andMe! I totally recommend doing this if you can—it’s just so neat to see what your background is and who you consist of–there were so many assumptions that I (and family) assumed. We thought there was German and maybe Middle Eastern, etc. and nope. Roughly, I’m 40% southern european (which was a given–basically anyone that identifies as Latinx will have Iberian in them). But that was it in europe. No other DNA from there. The other part was 42% native american (from all americas), which is super cool. And then 10% West and South African–actually my west african DNA is my oldest DNA (I don’t know science enough to explain it).

this is me! my DNA code


Anyway, how cool to know this?!

Aside from DNA results, I had the normal February in that I celebrated Valentine’s Day and have been planning and doing events for Black History Month at work. Typical, right?

I made this!


lol VDay was fun though–my gift is a cocktail making class, but that won’t happen until March. We went out to dinner to a Mexican place called De Colores and it was yum!

(they had personalized chocolates with the bill)

I want to go back when they have mariachi!

Also I got my highlights retouched and it was a whole two-day ordeal. Thankfully they were somewhat fixed, but I may have cried as I walked home from the salon the first night…

once they were fixed.

Work has been…controlled chaos? ok chaos is too strong, but it’s been busy. Aside from a completely random coincidence that I have a lot of cases that are in court right now (really unusual for me), I’m obviously having to work on getting a handle on all this ridiculousness coming down from the administration. If you wonder why I’m angry, try having to to allay fears of mothers worried about the well-being of their children day in and day out because they fear being deported and leaving their children alone–you’d be angry too.

And work that’s not work–more of my writing has gone up at Shop Latinx Biz, which is exciting! And I may have made some strides in getting my writing up in other places! I’m going to a conference next month to help me organize some of these plans, so really hopeful that I’ll have a better handle of my writing soon.

Ok let’s get to what you came for–makeup, right?! So, as a bday gift for my primita that’s doing a college semester in Chicago–I took her to get her face beat by a friend who is a makeup artist here in Chicago.

I also purchased something because I have issues.  But I ended up getting a mauve-y, berry liquid lip. It’s pretty! And it lasts a long time. I’m actually not on the MAC bandwagon–I think this, my eyeliner and primer are my only MAC products. But I really liked this lippie.

And a surprise hit! I randomly bought this highlighter and then used it once and thought it was not great, but then I used it a few more times and realized this is a bomb highlighter! It’s a cream to powder and really, really pops! And it’s $4. So good!

–this was my Vday look. The essence highlight is bomb!!

Skin-wise, I’ve had a stubborn breakout lately (wah!) and have been reaching for my Mario Badescu drying lotion. It has a potent alcohol smell, but it works! And I just ran out of my Neutrogena hydro boost water gel (super sad). It feels so refreshing! Will definitely re-purchase.

What’s your favorite night cream? I need something that’s really moisturizing…

Let’s end this with my baby boy: