Sidebar: Busy Bday

It’s like almost the end of April and I’m barely writing about March. That’s how cray things have been. So my March was ridiculously busy and I’m not about to bore you so some highlights:

The first weekend, I attended a Latina blogger conference in L.A. This was my second year and aside from learning new ways to make this site and community better, the best part of the trip was getting to meet my law school bestie’s new baby.  Baby G is so cute! Does anything feel better than a tiny baby’s little baby head? Omg, I died.

The rest of the trip was good and informative, but obvi the baby was tops.

Some LA highlights:

Work was busy, as usual. I started the month thinking I was going to have to file 8 cases in one month because of an update immigration made on a form, but thankfully that’s not the case anymore because 8 cases in one month is kind of outrageous. But because I was preparing for that, a lot of other things were put on the back burner so there’s been a lot of catch-up happening.

Of course, one of the things that kept me busy was the draft I was working on that will hopefully be published. I definitely did not assess the situation correctly and underestimated how much time it would take me to write a 3000 word article. In my head, I think I was like, I write all the time, it’ll be a cinch. WRONG. Academic writing is tough and a whole different type of talent so be assured I ate a ton of humble-pie while finishing the draft.

March was also my annual young alumni lunch that I love and this year was even better because we got a CLE credit (holla—and that reminds me, that I’m not sure if I received the cert for that yet…)

And speaking of alumni, I got to go out, like a real young adult (shocking) to celebrate a friend’s bday. It was too much fun but I’m not posting pics 🙂

Then the spring event at work happened, which was also a lot of fun…I mean, can an event be top shelf and not be fun? I don’t know if that’s possible.

Of course, the end of the month was busier still because it was my birthday! And I feel like there are two types of people when it comes to birthdays, those that are insufferable because they are sad that they’re turning older and those that are insufferable because they act like their birthday should be a national holiday.  Can you guess where I fall?

I really like my birthday and make sure I do it up. Prob because my love language is gifts so any little recognition makes me happy.   

This year, I received a new phone as my main gift. We went to dinner on Tuesday night, which was a lot of fun because my cousin came with us. I also received a few new makeup pieces, which obviously make me really happy.


The best part though had to be my cousin taking me to see Beauty and the Beast! Such a good movie. It’s my favorite Disney story and I’m not here to hear any slander about Belle or her love story!

Anyway, makeup-wise, I have been using my new foundation from Neutrogena on a daily basis. I did receive this as a gift when I was in LA as Neutrogena was the main sponsor. But regardless, the foundation is really good! I’m in the shade called Honey. And when two makeup artists did my makeup they both (independently) selected that shade, so I think I like it because it fits my color so well.

Last month I was also very much into “negative space” manis, much to the chagrin of my 20 year old cousin. I tried, but it just never worked out. So, I’m back to normal manis, wah!

Here are some of my attempts:

They were ok but nail trends just don’t work for me 🙁 

We’re half-way done with April, but maybe because like all the planets are in retrograde, I’m feel optimistic about spring… What about you?