Sidebar: Wtf is Happening

I can’t believe June is over. It flew by–I think it helps that I’ve been super busy at work. I have one month of supervision under my belt and now that we’re “fully” staffed I finally feel like I’m not drowning. Being a supervisor hasn’t had a lot of changes–some extra meetings, and more consultations than ever before but not much else has changed.

I did realize that how I approached being an attorney has to be different than how I manage.

Most attorney jobs are very solo-work dependent. I’m used to doing my work and calling it a day, but I’m really aware now that I have a other people depending on real guidance and more forethought than just completing today’s work. This is super nerdy, but it’s an exciting challenge.

There has also been a lot of uptick at work involving the fundraising department, which I’ll be working with more frequently.

I’m the red in the sea of black

The big event in June was the annual luncheon, which ended with me getting a hug from Judge Ann C. Williams!! I met Judge Williams the summer before my 1L year during a special program I was a part of, and we met a ton of people that summer, but getting to see her in her chambers and listening to her story has stuck with me forever. So that was super exciting!

Aside from that, I went to Texas for a weekend visit with my besties. It was hot. Like crazy hot so we mostly did what we do best–hang out and eat. #collegelife.


hmmm has anything else been taking up my time? oh right…the atrocity at the border.

What can I even say–as an immigration attorney I know that the system has been a complicated mess for a very long time. But I also know that the new procedures, intent, and goals of the people currently in charge are more explicitly racist and xenophobic than ever before. It can take a toll on you because at least before there was hope; the idea that things could improve. Now it feels like a constant fight. Even if the tide shifts in terms of who’s in power, it’s going to be a long time before the sting of how oppressive and imbalanced this system is, lessens. And maybe the sting shouldn’t lessen so we don’t forget that these systems aren’t for us–rather, they’re used against us. Unless and until more of us are in positions of power to create and implement change things will always be rough…

Ok–here is a complete 180 from that, because I can’t end on such a sad but realistic note…

So, here my faves for the month! lol

I have been LOVING this new lippie from Maybelline in 065. It was a random selection when we were at a drugstore in Texas, but it’s so pretty! I’m loving that gloss is back in style and this has been perfect for work. Not too bright (for my liking) but colorful enough for a pop.

As for skincare, I can’t get enough of sheet masks. We’ve been going to the beach a lot and the sheet masks feel amazing after a long day in the sun.

What is your favorite sheet mask?

What are you looking forward to this month? How are you holding up in the midst of the border crisis?