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Small Biz Saturday Prep

So I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m the perfect example of someone who is always politically and ethically aware about how I spend my money. I could be a lot better. But in fairness to me, ahem, growing up the idea was survival so you bought clothes, food, whatever other needs as you could afford them and there wasn’t time/ability to think, “is this product right for me and my values?” I’m sure many can relate.

But now, I don’t have much excuses in not thinking through how I spend my money, especially now that I can know what my purchase may support. That’s why as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become especially committed to supporting Latinx-owned businesses because I just feel inclined to support Latinx entrepreneurs who are often ignored and dismissed by the mainstream economy.  For example, did you know that Little Village in Chicago is the second highest grossing retail strip in the city after the Magnificent Mile? Ok, so lets put some respeck on these business owners! This is what I’m planning to shop for during Small Biz Saturday:

First, I have to shout out Shop Latinx because their database is great for discovering Latinx owned options (disclaimer, I did do a few freelance articles for them a few years ago).

  1. Baby stuff. It became a mandate for me to give all my friends with babies (bilingual or not) one or two lil libros. If you follow Patty Rodriguez you know that this endeavor is work and she shows such a commitment to telling our stories and the importance of representation. There are so many stories to pick out–obviously the winner is Selena, but they’re all so cute. And luckily, I have a baby shower in this next few weeks so this is timely (plus 40% off during Black Friday!).
  2. Stationary. I’m at a place where I keep stationary on hand, especially thank you/birthday cards, at all time. I feel like this what makes me most adult? lol Either way, I’m eyeing some very mod stationary from the newly created Pun Dulce. Based in Chicago, they have the cutest lettering and signs that look totally chic. Plus, as a brand-new business owner, I’m really excited to support her new shop!
  3. Ts. What is small biz Saturday if not for buying cute af activisty shirts?! Finally going for it and buying something from The Future is Latina. You can’t go wrong with their classic T, but Peligrosa is just calling me…
  4. Skincare, obvi. I follow Emmilia Ortiz on Instagram and she always has a heavenly glow that I LOVE. She uses a ton of products from Brujita Skincare and I’m going to try some of their creams and masks. Super excited!
  5. Books. Over vacation, I was moved to tears reading The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez, but was super embarrassed that it came out three years ago!! It made me realize that I don’t know about Latinx authors enough and want to make a better effort to support them. Will definitely be researching and buying some new books, which makes me super happy. Next on my list is “Everyone Knows You Go Home” by Natalia Sylvester. If you have any recs, let me know!