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    Find your Focus: Law School Finals

    I’ll be honest and tell you that I do not envy law school students this time of year. Ok, I rarely envy law school students lol BUT this time of year is especially harrowing. There are so many deadlines and pressures looming over you. It feels impossible, even though it’s not. For those about to start to pressure-cooker that is law school finals, know that it’ll be ok and you’ll get past it–all you have to do is focus on exams. “No duh,” you say. But here’s the thing, often we are so overwhelmed (or confused) that we fail to study in a productive way. I remember going into my…

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    Summer Series: Attitude Check–Getting Excited for the Bar Exam

    Our Summer Series begins again! This series highlights different Latina students and law grads as they embark in their summer jobs and/or bar prep all across the country. We hope to provide a variety of work experiences, options for a healthy work-life balance, and general motivation through different guest contributors to help you to take charge of your summer and professional goals!  Today we hear from Tiffany, a Santa Clara law grad who took the Bar in February and is filled with great advice to get you started on your summer bar prep journey!   It might seem impossible to get excited for summer bar prep, but mindset is a huge part of…

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    Game Plan the Bar Exam

    I am all about to-do lists and making action plans to get to your goal. If your goal is to pass the the bar this summer then how are you going to do that? I remember starting my Barbri course just days after graduation and just jumping into the content. Then I realized how I apparently didn’t remember anything from 1L year because I kept scoring SO low in torts and I was sure that this was a sign that I wouldn’t be able to pass. The truth is that bar studies is a long-form game because you have to study, memorize, and recall content in the certain way, so of course,…

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    Mastering Law School: What Worked for Me

    If you’ve been reading this for a while, you know I’m a proponent of “study how you study,” as the only real way to study case law. Meaning, if you do flash cards, do flash cards, but if that’s not your style then don’t sweat it. When I first started, I wrote up case briefs, but had no real idea of the purpose. I wrote them up, ready to glance at them if I was called on in class, but never used them as a study tool. It was a waste of my time. I also didn’t have a study schedule, doing all my readings the night before class (why…

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    There is No Try: Last Things To Do Before the Feb Bar

    Many of you are just three weeks away from the February Bar. Eeek! This far out you just want it to be over but you also feel like you’ll never know what you need in order to pass the bar. It sucks.  At the moment, there is also so many distractions. Every day there seems to be a new situation that demands our attention and/or creates unease about the state of our nation. I don’t envy any you, for realsies, but I am sending positive vibes your way. Here are some things you should keep in mind as you finish your bar studying: One. Be selfish. These last weeks are…

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    Make the Grade: How to Improve Law School GPA

    One of the reasons breaks aren’t so fun during law school is because you’re often waiting for grades to drop. By now, most of those in school have received at least most of your grades for first semester. And the reaction is either a stomach-churning YAY! Or a stomach-churning oh no. Both responses require further action because regardless of how your grades shake out, law school is not a beast that lets you rest on your laurels. But, today I want to focus on those that had the “oh no,” response.  You may not be super pleased with your grades because they seem average. Maybe you’re used to rocking it…

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    One, Two Step: Mastering Law School Finals

    Hope everyone had a restful break from work/school! I know all the students are starting crunch mode as you prepare for finals. I’m a bit removed from that  but believe me, law school finals anxiety is a feeling you never, ever forget. In fact, my first holiday as an attorney was one of my happiest because I was so thrilled to not have to worry about any exams! You’ll get there eventually, but in the meantime you have to master your exams. I hate to say this, but preparing for your finals is a two-pronged process. The most important part of studying for law school finals is not just understanding…

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    It’s the Final Countdown: Managing Stress and Time During Law School Finals

    A reprieve from what’s to come tomorrow— Hey, law students, are you feeling a little stressed right now? I remember how HORRIBLE my 1L fall semester was right around the holidays. I still felt academically in the dark about everything; had no idea how to study; was in a nervous wreck about money; and just felt completely lost. I hope you’re doing better. But it’s tricky because you may think you get it, but you never really know until you’re graded on that god awful curve.  It can feel overwhelming right now as you prepare for something that’s unknown to you.  And even as a 2L, you know what’s coming…

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    What Lin Manuel Miranda Can Teach Us About Law School

    First, and foremost, I have been on the Lin Manuel bandwagon since 2010. It’s on record, people. So I saw his tweet today and was like aha! his work ethic is a great example of how to succeed in your educational pursuits. He tweeted:   You will have to say no to things to say yes to your work.   I mean, I know he’s an artist, but he was basically describing the path to a J.D. It’s not a newsflash to current law students or attorneys that getting to (and through) law school requires sacrificing many things in order to succeed. But in the midst of that sacrifice it…

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    What Did I Just Read? Mastering Your Law School Assignments

    One of the biggest problems with being a new law school student is that you rarely have a chance to truly gage how you’re doing in your courses until the end. Of course, some professors offer midterms to help you understand what’s going on, but that’s not always a given. Additionally, you not only have to worry about mastering the topics, but more importantly you have to learn how to analyze, i.e. that elusive “thinking like a lawyer” thing.  My 1L year, by midway through, I felt really confident in my classes. I thought I was understanding the topics and could follow along with the discussion—I thought things were great.…

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