Work Life Balance


It’s the end of December.  Crazy!  We’ve been chugging along for four months now and are so grateful to our subscribers!

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We so appreciate when you take time out of your day to see what we’re up to!! At the same time, we’re super happy and thankful that we’re still on holiday and celebrating a long and happy Christmas season in Florida with family.  We hope you’re doing the same!  But in case you need some screen time (who doesn’t!?) here are our favorite links from around the internet this month.

  1.  Slate had such an interesting perspective piece on how violence against women should seen as a good predictor of future violence–if we did, what other forms of violence could we prevent?
  2. What do you need to know about Cuba?  I’m not expert, but this Vox article explained some simple and not so simple issues.
  3. The Muse gives you some things to add to your career to-do list.  I’m still working on my elevator pitch!
  4. Agree or disagree?  The case against positive thinking.
  5. Feministing discusses an article on reproductive rights and how story-telling can change opinions.

6.  If you have 12+ hours to spare–you HAVE to listen to Serial!  I think you have a really great perspective if you’re listening to it as an attorney (or attorney to be)—what is everyone’s theory?!

  1.  Finally, while many of us are dedicated to the rights of animals when it comes to our food, we often overlook the people who help bring the food to our table.  The recent documentary, Food Chains, discusses the environment migrant workers are exposed to; the indignities they suffer; and it provides a useful and easy way to get involved with helping improve the rights and quality of life for the people that pick our produce.