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If you have any questions about services offered or resources for students, press inquiries, or you just want to connect, reach out via email: or fill out the form below.

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  • Lucy

    I recently decided to undergo a career change and without this book, The Maria Paradox I honestly would not be making it through all the changes and emotions a Latina experiences and of course the latinasuprisng blog! Just wanted to say thank you for the support!

  • Tyler Forrest


    I was just browsing on your website and noticed that it could get even more amazing with a redesign or an upgrade. If you’re looking for a more stunning user-interface or integrating some smart features to the site that help automate some of your business processes, then I’d be pleased to assist you with that.

    I’m an expert in the WordPress website platform and as well as many other platforms and shopping carts. For a cheap price, I can upgrade your existing website or build you a new one completely that has all of the modern features and functionality. Would you be available in the next few days for a quick consultation? I’d like to share with you my ideas and some expert advice, show you my past work with other clients, get your feedback, and give you a proposal.

    All of my work is done locally (never outsourced). Please reply to let me know if you’re interested so we can schedule a time to talk about making your website look stunning and be more business efficient. I hope to speak with you soon.

    Tyler Forrest – Web Developer

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