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Good-Bye Spring: Favorite Links!

May is always so eventful—aside from celebrating Mother’s day, Cinco de Mayo (I swear, I must have been a frat bro in another life), I also lived vicariously through everyone’s graduations. It was so great to see so many celebrate the accumulation of hard work along with so much determination to succeed in whatever new phase they were heading towards!

Now, of course, I’m looking forward to summer in Chicago because there’s always so much to do, including visiting pretty pink flamingos at the Lincoln Park Zoo (highly recommend it!).

summer in chicago

This month we discussed:

Study supplies for the Bar Exam (trust me on the tape and flash cards);

Student loan re-payment options;

Simple forms of sun protection (very important); and

The importance of self-reflection.

And here are some favorite links from around the web:

  • Oxford Comma, forever! And Grammarly agrees.
  • Cinco de Mayo is over, but Vanity Fair’s mezcal’s recipe sounds delish and perfect for summer.
  • Ms. Magazine gives a brief overview over the Fight for Fifteen—a very important topic seeing many Latinas work minimum wage jobs to support and raise their families.
  • Harvard Study says women attorney work more than men.
  • The Pew discusses Latinos and education—more high school graduates and college enrollment, but still lag behind in obtaining four year degree.
  • Smithsonian tells us the history of baby pinks and blues.
  • An Indiana mom pushes back against a school policy that attempts to make girls feel bad about their bodies.
  • Lowest paid attorneys are the happiest, says the New York Times.
  • Everyday Feminism describes some thoughts people living in poverty experience that those with means do not.
  • Ms. Magazine’s thoughts on having Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.
  • Esquire’s piece on Judy Clarke—America’s Public Defender, basically–gives really great insight on Clarke’s style in her defense strategy.
  • The Guardian’s piece on Dreamers in Mexico sheds a light on the emotional impact that occurs upon return to Mexico.
  • Fusion’s editorial piece asks—is wearing heels really worth your health?

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