Happy One Year!

It’s our one year anniversary!! Yes, Latinas Uprising has been going strong for one year!

one year anniversary


Since that time, I have come to meet so many ambitious, intelligent, and kind women.  Latinas who are focused, driven, and poised to do great things for their communities. It has really been such a motivator for me to do more because I’m finally seeing real women who (1) look like me; (2) from similar backgrounds, and it gives me the push to do more because I see all of you doing more.  Not just the attorneys, but college-grads and law students (and full-time workers, and business-women, etc. etc.) who are so goal-oriented and willing to put in the work.  This is the motivation I was looking for a year ago when I started this site.

My goal for the next year is to  continue to make this a community stronger, with real engagement–a community whose goal is to keep increasing that 1.3% of Latinas in the law and to make a difference once we’re part of the legal profession.

Because when we talk about lawyers, Latinas usually aren’t the types that are being discussed.  The goal at Latinas Uprising is to ensure that we are recognized as a powerful force within this profession; however, recognizing our power really starts from within.  As Latinas, we’re part of one of the fasting growing demographics in the U.S.; we head households; start businesses; and hold over a trillion dollars in buying power. And as attorneys, we have the tools to lead communities and advocate for legal change.

In other words, if Latinos are being thought of as a power-source, then Latina lawyers should be at the helm of source.

Right now, I can say that for the upcoming year, I hope to have more showcases of attorneys–so that we can see the work we do within our profession.  And to share more voices in general–voices that are so sorely misrepresented or overlooked.

We have some projects underway to help move these goals forward, so please stick around!  And if you feel inclined to participate in some way–please reach out!

Thanks for a great year!!

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