Law School

School Supplies for Law School

This week we’ve focused on pre-law work—and because so many are starting law school in a few weeks (!) we want to discuss some vital supplies to stock up on during the back to school sales.

While almost all the work is digital, it’s still a paper-based industry in that you’ll be using real books, printing cases, and briefing cases. So what are somethings that will be super useful?

school supplies for law school

supplies for law school

  1. Highlighters and tabs. If you’re not a highlighter person, you’ll likely become one so you may as well stock up now. Likewise, tabs are great for statutes so that you can find what you’re looking for immediately. I like the thicker ones so that you can write on them with more ease.
  2. A sturdy book bag. It took me a while to figure out my studying routine and for about half of the first semester, I would lug three huge ass case books home with me. The bag I had was horrible and would dig into my shoulder so you want to make sure the bag you have can hold a lot of weight and is easy enough for you to transport. I wouldn’t worry about having something super professional-looking right away so feel free to invest in a more “academic” looking bag.
  3. A sweater. Random, but if you’re studying in a library (or even some coffee shops) it can get chilly so you may as well have an easy-to-reach for sweater to keep you warm.
  4. A planner. I’m a big proponent of having an actual planner and that’s because I’m very visual and prefer to see things laid out for a month at time. A planner helps you keep track of what you need to read along with other obligations. It’s really worth it to invest in one that you’ll actually use, even if you opt for digital (side-eyeing you though 🙂 ).
  5. Granola bars. Another weird suggestions, but keep a box of bars that you know you’ll eat in your locker. This will help when you’re hungry instead of getting something from the vending machine or a pastry at the coffee shop.
  6. A water bottle. I remember buying a lot of bottled water in school (b/c I’m a fool) instead of investing in a water bottle. Some schools may hand them out as swag, which is great, but I recommend going for it and getting a full liter bottle. This will encourage you to maintain (or increase) your water intake, which isn’t the worst habit to pick up while in law school.

If you want to go against the grain, I HIGHLY encourage you to buy notebooks for your notes instead of taking notes on your laptop. Shocking, I know. And no, I’m not a Luddite, I know err’body will be typing away on their computers—but there’s so much evidence that taking your notes by hands commits things to memory better (and you won’t get distracted by the internet, so…).