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Necessary Study Supplies for Bar Exam

Right before my 3L year ended, my comparative law class went to dinner with our professors (you know, the one course with a cancelled trip to Chile that still made us write a paper #stillbitter). Anyway, dinner was lovely, but I remember that one professor made it a point to tell me I was about to embark on the worst summer of my life while I studied for the bar.  She wasn’t right, but she wasn’t wrong either. However, instead of scaring all of those that are starting bar prep, I come with better information–necessary bar exam supplies to help you get the most out of your studies.

Obviously, you already have the basics—bar prep course books, the internet, etc., but here are a few things you may not have considered purchasing that if you get now may help you out in the long run.


Bar prep

bar exam suppliesbar exam suppliesOne. Scotch tape/wall putty and flash cards. Some may study best creating flash cards, others by creating outlines. Whatever works for you. But, I recommend purchasing flash cards because it’s almost a guarantee that by some point in your studies, you will start plastering mnemonic devices and black letter law all over your walls. I even knew some people that posted things in their bathroom so that they could always work on memorization—hey, whatever gets the job done.

Two. Digital watch. Obviously, you can use the timer on your phone. But I liked using a cheap-y digital watch to keep track of time because I couldn’t be distracted by any texts that would pop up while I was studying or tempted to play around on my phone. Trust me that half the Bar study battle is committing yourself to putting in the time without distractions.

Three. Pens. Maybe you’re typing the exam, and so you’ll practice typing your essays. I still think it’s worthwhile to get a supply of pens so that you can mark up your books and actually write down some of the bar materials. Writing actually helps commit things to memory better than typing, so adding this practice to your studies may really help. If you are writing your essays, you will go through a TON of pens—invest in paper as well.

Four. Highlighters. See above.

Five. Candy. Ok, so I know I’m always harping on how we have to eat healthy—and you should. BUT. Holy shit sometimes you just need some sugar to get you over the hump to study for another hour or to give yourself a mental break. Don’t overdo it (like I did), but treating yourself to something sweet and comforting will feel like such a luxury.

So it won’t be your best summer, but come at it prepared and it won’t be your worst either.

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