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Ready for Spring!

March is almost here!  I’m so ready for it!  Not just because it’s my birthday month, but because we finally will start seeing a few signs of Spring.  For those of us living in real winter weather, we desperately need some sun and warmth!

end of the month links
The clouds look like snow.

But February wasn’t so bad!

We discussed:

Balancing professional requirements that conflict with our natural style;

Keeping the winter blues at bay;

And discussed a new creed for the Latina Lawyer.

As we wrap up the month, I’m sharing some favorite stories from this month:

  1. New verse, same as the first–patronizing advice to women attorneys and what we wear.

  2. Slate offers a great analysis on revenge porn and possible future criminal cases.

  3. Productivity tips using science from Elite Daily.

  4. Ms. Magazine discusses the backlog in rape kits and how Detroit’s testing has revealed 188 serial rapists.

  5. The Atlantic covers what can be done when companies discourage transparency in salary/wages.

  6. The Atlantic also shares a story on what can happen when women are left out of the App-making equation.

  7. The Vox details a study on discipline in school and how girls of color, in this case, black girls, are disciplined more frequently and with harsher results.

  8. In the same vein, Slate goes over a study that shows when teachers grade students in math, they may grade boys more favorably unless the grading is done anonymously.

  9. NY Times discusses the repercussions women face when they’re stuck with doing “office work” in their jobs.

  10. NY Times also goes into the different immigration practice within Latino groups, which I always find very interesting.

What were your favorite articles from this month?

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