Sidebar: Deep in the Heart of Texas

Summer’s over, it’s chilly, I can get regular lattes again and not worry about sweating to death on my commute. Yay. I love fall. But I am still sad to see summer go only because I am so not ready for holiday chatter.

Anyway, it’s time for a Sidebar post, where I share some more personal events going on in my life and work! I hope you share some of your going-ons as well! I’d love to get to know you all better!

My favorite things for September included finally hosting a dinner party at our new home. We moved in June and I have been a mega-brat about it. There’s way too much to get into here, but it has taken me a long time to get adjusted to my new surroundings. But finally we set a date, and hosted a dinner for a few friends. It was nice to get use of our backyard one more time (ok only time) before it gets cold.

The perk of owning a home (though technically I could have done this in our condo) is being able to rely heavily on pinterest for decor ideas:


Then of course, the highlight of the month was going to Texas last weekend to see my college BFFs. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love my two girls and how we support and uphold each other. They are my Day 1s for real and it did my soul good to see them in person–just the three of us. Well, actually a new little guy has entered the mix–I met my best friend’s baby boy! He is super cute and I loved seeing my friend in her element as a new mom. I had been looking forward to that trip for a long time and it was perfect!

img_9579 img_9553


In re: work, I actually was admitted to the Federal Bar, which sounds fancy, but it just means that I can now file appearances in federal court. The process was not as onerous as getting admitted into the State Bar (Hallelu!) but I was going back and forth on whether I should do it because if one were to view my practice one would assume I have no need for it. I’m a transactional attorney 90% of the time. But now that I can represent in federal court it means new experiences will open up for me–maybe I will do more litigation or try my hand at some more negotiations. Quien sabe? While I feel like I’ve been doing my thing for a while, the truth is, my career is still young so anything is an option. And that’s kind of exciting? But also a little nerve-wracking tbh.


Another thing at work that I’m LOVING is that a great group of people have come together to plan really legit events for Latinx Heritage Month. We did it last year and have committed to doing more educational/entertaining activities this year. I’m super pumped for it because I am always thirsty to learn about Latinx history and this is such a great excuse to seek out information.

And to not seem like I’m a total nerd, I want to share my two fave cosmetic products of the month: Number 1 being my really badass Chacha nail covers that I wore to Texas. I have been sitting on these since last March (what took me so long to try them!?) but I finally took the plunge and I love them. Totally ordering some more for Xmas gifts (for others, but also for me–duh).


My other fave product was actually the real MVP because I came down with an end-of-summer cold and whenever I have a cold I am mayor of dry skin city! It’s the worst. I kept reaching for my Bite lip mask (it’s a balm) each night and it helped so much. It is my fave nigh lip balm for sure–it’s really thick–think Carmex, but without the medicinal smell and it has a slight shimmer. Love it!


What was something fun that you were able to do this month?

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