Sidebar: It’s 2018 ya’ll

Ok so January seemed like it went on forever, right? Maybe because I had a ton to do and vacation at the end of the month so it just seemed to drag. Not in a bad way, just a slow way  lol. Anyway, 2018 has been nice so far and different all at the same time. First, let me start with the nice.

We celebrated NYE at a local Mexican restaurant called Adobo and it was just a really decadent dinner; filled with drinks and delicious food. Total gluttony and the perfect way to ring in a new year, imo.

So that was a lot of fun. Soon after the year started, my cousin moved back up from Florida and has settled nicely in our new space. I actually don’t see her that much because she’s already working and I spent a lot of time working as well.

Work-wise, I was just hella overworked lol not anyone’s fault (but mine), but I had a lot of deadlines in January and I filed 9 cases, which is the most I’ve ever filed in a month. I’m really happy with the outcome and my ability to do the work for so many clients. But it was a lot–a lot of late nights in the office and a lot of very late nights at home. I don’t have any looming deadlines like I did in January so I’m envisioning a much calmer February/spring (knock on wood).

Aside from actual case work, work has been different lol. I missed out on an opportunity for a new position and there are also many changes happening to my team, which will change lots of stuff. Some I’m nervous about and some I’m excited for–I’m sorry I’m always so evasive but I’m trying to protect the innocent 😉 lol I should have more details soon though…

I was also gifted a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates. So gorgeous and there was chocolate covered strawberries and my name in letters. It was too much, but I loved it! It was just a token of appreciation from a long-time client. So grateful for that pick-me-up in the middle of the month.

It Nubia with B not V, but a common occurrence 🙂 

We also had our holiday celebration (super belated) for my group. We did karaoke, which is like so far from my comfort and kind of a new thing the group is doing? I just like going for the drinks lol

And I do have a life outside of work! I went to my friend’s baby shower, we’ve been busy decorating the new house (finally got a new couch); been working on my curls; and bought a treadmill! My goal is to run a 10k (on the treadmill because let’s keep it real, I’m never running a 10k out in the open–at least not anytime soon).

I’ve been limiting heat use to just days when the curls lose their form because of humidity or some other reason. 

I also used my sephora xmas gift cards immediately and have been obsessed with my new bobbi brown rose gold shimmer stick. I love palettes, for sure, but these sticks (I also have some laura mercier ones) are perfect for quick application. The rose gold is also my favorite tone for work. Hallelu! And I’ve been into glossy lips lately so I add a swipe of these nars in dolce vita to most of my mattes.

And you guys, my skin peel and exfoliation treatment that I did in December paid off ten-fold! Usually I have very stubborn acne, but this month my skin remained clear for the majority of the the time. Amazing. I was also really strict about moisturizing at night to keep my skin balanced (especially in this dry temps). Aveeno’s overnight facial hydrating facial cream has been so great. I use it every other night. Super recommended.

What do you do in the winter to keep your skin from over-drying.

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