Sidebar: Moving Day

Um, October was a whirlwind. We moved.

So that has basically taken up all of my time. We were told that the house would be ready in a week, so we had to pack and get ready super fast. The house is amazing. Honestly, I could have moved anywhere because I had a lot of emotional/negative feelings towards the place where we were living for the past year (long story).

Our old master bedroom–could not get out of here fast enough!

But now that we’ve settled, I’ll have moments where I’m like oh yeah, I live here now.

I want to do a video tour? Would ppl be up for that?

a little preview:

But of course we moved in so fast that there was nothing but boxes for a while, and obvi who wants to see a video of a messy house? lol There’s still al lot of work (furniture wise) but I am finally, finally home!  And we have loved trying out new restaurants and bars in our area. I may have found a new coffee shop (shocker!) and definitely a new go-to bar for easy dinner (hallelu!)

Aside from moving and unpacking, which literally was my whole month. I had a lot of events at work!

First, we celebrated Latinx history at work! I like doing these events because it breaks up the monotony of work.

I also hosted one of our lunch hours and forced my coworkers to eat Mexican candy. My love for Mexican candy has no bounds and I legit judge people who don’t like it. #judgingyou

We also had a halloween party, which we’ve never done before! Some people went all out! Which was hilarious/disturbing. I dressed up like Beyonce as Rosie the Riveter (thanks to all the votes on Insta!).

And dressed like a kitty for the trick-or-treaters!

And I did actually work (not just attend fun events lol). But the big thing is that towards the end of the month I presented at Know Your Right event hosted by a megachurch in the city (with churches all over the country). I spoke to the biggest crowd ever (over 250 people!).

I am super proud at how well it went, especially because it was 100% in Spanish!  And you know I came prepared with a fresh face in case there was media/cameras LOL


Omg! I almost forgot my faves! This month I have been living for a new mascara! Essence’s Lash Princess gives such great length/volume. Love it! And it’s only $3.

Skincare, I’ve been reaching for my Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil lotion. I had a few samples of it and it feels so moisturizing and luxurious. Totally love it!

Ok that is my life: Moving and Halloween. I do think the next few months will be a little more exciting!



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