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Three Years and Three Big Lessons

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I went live with his site! When I first started Latinas Uprising, I had no clue what type of community I would find—I just knew that surely there were others that experienced the legal profession in the same manner as me. In time, I have met so many amazing women. Women who are focused, driven, passionate, and outspoken—I’m always so impressed and motivated by the accomplishments of this community! So, with that in mind, I wanted to share three things I’ve learned in the past three years:

One. Latinas are amazing. Is this obvious? Maybe. In general, I know amazing Latinas who are friends and inspirations in my day to day life, but through this site, I’ve researched stats, read studies, and have met even more amazing women. Latinas are heads of households, we are family leaders, and often we take hard hits through various forms of systemic oppression, but we keep finding ways to seguir adaelante. From first-gen college students to undocumented and unafraid activists to women with deep generational roots planted in their communities—I’ve seen the spectrum and the common theme is how determined we are to reach our goals and make better lives for ourselves and our families.

Two. We yearn for representation. When I put out the call for guest posts in 2015, I had no clue if anyone would be interested. But anytime I ask for help, there are so many hermanas willing to pitch in—and I think that’s because we inherently know how important it is to tell those before and after us how things are and could be.  Because we often lacked information in our own educational/professional journeys we are all so willing to share guidance with one another. But more importantly, sharing different voices on here is important because there’s a need to remember—to witness—the work we’re putting in to meet our goals. I hope to continue to showcase different experiences and individuals in our communities that will confirm to the little person watching that it is possible for big dreams to become bigger realities.

Three. Our community is being threatened. I don’t say this to be dramatic. But in the past years, I’ve seen our communities targeted by government and private citizens alike. Our mixed-status families are suffering anxiety, fear, and threats. Our youths’ futures are compromised as they struggle against the school to prison pipeline. Our own access to education continues to be threatened, while entrepreneurs in our communities are physically and emotionally assaulted. This isn’t ok. This shouldn’t be considered normal, and we most definitely cannot stand for it. The mistreatment of the Latinx community enrages me, but I am optimistic still. I’m optimistic because I know our history. We fight for justice, we demand it, and we especially won’t let stand policies, laws, and behavior that messes with our families.

Sooooo big lessons in three years! I’m excited to see what year four has in store. I hope (I will!) get my time together to get that e-book going, bring back more of the work-life balance articles, and look into other ways to expand this site. I’m equally excited to see the progress of so many women who support this community! Seriously, I’m so motivated when I see everyone working hard to meet their goals—thank you for an amazing three years! Here’s the numero 4!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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