Side Bar: Finding the Point

Ok, it feels slightly silly to do this when idk if we’re close to war. Again. On one hand I want to just throw everything in the air and say what is the point. And really, what is the point? But I also naturally am inclined to push back against that type of fatalistic attitude. It’s easy to stop doing routines, self-care, or working towards goals when things get tough but I prefer to keep at it (or maybe ignoring all the bad is my way to cope! Lol). Either way this is a no judgement zone!

So welcome to March! It’s actually my favorite month because it’s my birthday month and I’m one of those types that celebrates all month. I’m also very excited to start coming home when it’s still light out. Yikes, that sounds depressing too lol

But Feb wasn’t depressing it was full and even though work was crazy busy it was nice to be out in community. This includes a Black History Month celebration, walking lunar new year parade, and greeting refugees at the airport—a surreal moment but career highlight for sure.


For Valentine’s Day every place we planned to go turned out to be a dud, but we were able to salvage by going to our fave Mexican place in the city.

And another exciting news—-Season Three of Licenciadas launched! My goal is to be more consistent with episodes so keep your fingers crossed for me y’all!


Some of my faves this month:


Olive and June press ons—these were a pleasant surprise! I use a ton of press-ons and they normally last five days, but these lasted a full week, which is like unheard of. I’m in love. I wish they had more designs but I already scooped up a ton.

Naturium lip balm—I know, I know, another lip balm. I have a problem! But also, this one is good! The color is so pretty (petal) and it’s super moisturizing.

Feet masks-omg. You guys, I’m not going to get into the details of feet here but I will say if you want to get your heels right, these masks are a must! Even my husband mentioned that they looked better which is both embarrassing and reassuring. Warning, they legit peel your skin so for a few days your feet look…not well.

Puzzles—ok, I randomly started working on a puzzle this month and I love and hate it. I am so mad that I can’t solve it quickly. Like it shouldn’t take days for a 1000 piece puzzle, right? But at the same time, I really really like having this distraction (that isn’t Tik Tok). I don’t know if I’ll keep it up after this one is done but maybe?

Fun story, the only time I remember finishing a puzzle was when I was little and I basically had a fit because I wanted to quit and my mom wouldn’t let me. I think I finally finished it but not after a lot of tears. Thankfully no crying this time.