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Gift Guide for Law Grads

Graduations are coming up and I’m so excited to see my Instagram feed because it will be filled with celebrations! Whether it’s a graduation or the end of finals, I’m here for all the positivity!

Because my love language is gifts, I want to share gift ideas for law grads that you can give your fave law student OR if you’re the law grad, you can casually send this to family members so that they can shower you with some presents-I’m so not above telling my loved ones exactly what I want as gifts!

But seriously, getting through law school is no small feat and deserves real recognition. Further, the journey isn’t over because most everyone has a Bar exam looming ahead. So what can you get a law grad that can empower, motivate, and celebrate?

Here are some suggestions:

To Motivate: Where do they find peace of mind? What’s their fave way to de-stress? If your law grad is a runner, think about new running shoes or accessories, like a Fitbit. If they enjoy relaxing in more traditional ways then consider a gift certificate to a spa for a facial or a massage.

To Empower: You can never go wrong with the Patron Saint of Latina Lawyers, but if your law grad already has Sonia Sotomayor’s biography then consider other empowering Latinas or get a little personal with print art or jewelry that reminds the person they have supporters rooting for them, even when the path to a law license feels lonely.

To Be Practical: Snacks and coffee and tea and food! Bar studying is so serious and people either loose or gain weight because of the horrible nutrition they eat (or fail to eat) while they study. Help them a little with some healthy or at least, not horribly junk-y food.

To Celebrate: I think one of the best parts of finally being done with school is that you will soon enough be able to afford and enjoy good wine and liquor. Get your law grad started with a nice bottle! I always opt for a good tequila-throw in some shot glasses that have a personal meaning or inside joke and it will be a really cherished gift!

What was your favorite law school graduation gift?