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Gift Guide for Law Students

We’re sharing some gift ideas for law students! If you’re in the midst of finals, you may not have been able to give suggestions to family/friends that ask you what you’d like for the holidays. So today’s gift guide has ideas for useful presents that can come in handy for most law students.


gift guide for law students


gift guide law studentgift guide law student


  1.  Gift Cards: Gift cards to restaurants and coffee shops are great, but you can also consider giving a gift card to Amazon or any store that sells text books at much cheaper rates than school bookstores.  I know, text book purchases aren’t very fun, but any little bit helps, right?

  2.  Coffee tumbler:  Coffee is a given and a travel tumbler is more functional than a mug because students are on the go more so than someone who works at an office.

  3. Headphones: Good headphones are so useful!  Aside from their main use, the headphones help keep distracting noise away, and (sometimes) discourage people from approaching you when you’re busy reading.

  4. Business card holder: Most students won’t have their own business cards, but if you’re networking and meeting new people (like you should be) then you need a case to keep your cards.  You never know when you’ll need to email someone and it’ll be easier to have all your business contacts in one place.

  5. Monthly box subscription:  Monthly subscriptions are just fun!  They’re not super useful, but they can add a bright spot to a student who is often stressed and grumpy.  The best part is that you can opt to do a six month, instead of a year, and you can select a variety of items (from snacks to beauty products).

  6.  Suit pieces:  Most students will have invested in at least one suit, but there’s no harm in helping them grow their professional wardrobe.  Depending on the student’s taste, you can opt for different suit pieces.   As this isn’t an interview suit, you can explore patterns and colors and give something other than a basic black jacket.

  7. Light fitness equipment:  If you give a student work out gear, they may laugh in your face.  Ok so it’s likely there’s not too much time for exercise, but eventually there will be–and why not help promote a healthy lifestyle by giving something that may help them on the right path?

  8. Self-Care kits:  Give a gift to help reduce the stress and anxiety.  Aromatherapy oils, bath bombs, masks, etc encourage the student take a deep breath and relax for even a couple of minutes.  Once finals are over, these things will be used with much appreciation.


Anything on your law-student-must-have list?