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Seedy Energy Salad

We talk a lot about trying to eat healthy and try to occasionally share quick and healthy recipes for everyone to try.   One thing that’s difficult (for me) in my attempt to eat healthy is what to bring for lunch at work.  I tend to go in cycles, but always seem end up back at salads.  Lately, I’ve been craving nutty, seedy salads and today’s recipe really satisfies this craving.

energy salads

It is filling even without meat, but I keep tuna packets at work and usually add it to the mix.  However, I’ve also eaten it without tuna and it keeps me just as full and satisfied throughout the day.  Mostly, it’s just really good!

It has a simple base of nuts and seeds with your choice of greens and proteins:

seedy energy salad

I mix baby kale, avocado, unsalted mixed nuts, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries with a light homemade vinaigrette.  Sometimes, if I remember I’ll also throw in chia seeds.  The combination is super filling and yummy.  The cranberries give just a bit of sweetness and the rest of the nuts and seeds give it a savory and crunchy feel.   You can also use this as a base and add more veggies (cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, etc)–it all depends on how much time you have on your hands.  But if you’re in a rush, this seedy salad is perfect and helps you get over that 2:00pm crash most of us experience.

What kind of salads do you take to work/school?