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Goal Digger–celebrating accomplishments (and fave links)

Recently, I was reading a book that advised how a good way to keep your goals in track throughout the year: break the year up in thirds so that you can really stop to assess, analyze, and celebrate what you’ve done in the past few months, and then make a plan of action for the next period of time. I think I’m going to try that to see if how that helps me accomplish some goals. How are you doing so far with your goalkeeping for the year? I’m sure for many one big goal is getting accomplished–finishing law school!  For those finishing up this month–muchas, pero muchas felicidades!

april links

And in case you missed it–in April, we talked about:

Some of my favorite articles from around the web:

  1. Vanity Fair discusses the incomparable Judith Clarke, renowned criminal defense attorney.
  2. Working on women’s issues, I always hear this myth that women get pregnant to “trap” a man, but the stats show that it’s more likely that a man will impede or manipulate a woman’s birth control to trap her. Jezebel discusses how some women in abusive relationships opt for “secret” forms of BC.
  3. Amazing piece by Harvard Law Review taking all attorneys task for the mass failure that is our prison system.
  4. Many people saw this video and thought to never celebrate early; great advice, but I saw it and thought–never, ever give up–even when it seems like you’ve lost.
  5. Latinas in Business reminds us that lack of “Equal Pay” affects us not just today, but well into our retirement.
  6. Some Latinos that made it onto Time’s 100 most influential people.
  7. #BringBackOurGirls is still a fight that’s on-going.
  8. Fascinating article from The Guardian that asks the questions–why are female genitals absent in art?  Something most of us don’t often consider, but a very good thought-piece.
  9. Huffington Post shared an “Equal Pay Day” map that highlights the best and worst places to earn a wage as a woman.
  10. Our piece on Being Latino on sexual assault and legal remedies.

Ending the month on a happy note–this kid is the best example of dancing like no one is watching!