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Graduation Gift Guide: Law Student Edition 2022

Well, grads, you did it! I know that the last few weeks before the semester ends, things are stressful and bittersweet because this chapter is ending. I remember how excited I was when I finished high school, how sad I was to be done with college, and how terrified but proud and grateful I felt to finish law school. I mentioned that in law school, especially, it is a swirl of emotions. It’s so much excitement about finally FINALLY being done with school, with earning a hard-fought degree, but also that bar exam looming in the corner not letting you quite truly celebrate. But you still need to celebrate!

And if you have a graduate in your life and are looking to support them, I’m sharing some gifts to consider. From practical to fun—here we go:

One. Gift card somewhere fun or somewhere practical. If your grad is heading to another level of schooling, or isn’t able to start working right away, consider a gift card to somewhere they can’t quite splurge on yet OR a gift card for basics—having a meal delivered during bar prep can make the difference between them taking a break to eat or just have more coffee…not that I know from experience.

Two. If your grad is heading to work, consider giving them something useful for their office—honestly, this seems like you wouldn’t need it but a nice pair of scissors often comes in handy and the gold makes it that much better (I use this pair all the time!). Or the perfect tote bag for work!  If you want something personal, what about an art piece? Justicia looks good in a law office. Maybe even a nice mug!

Three. If your grad is heading to law school, I really recommend this grammar book! It’s for middle schoolers but it was my go-to right after I graduated and helped me refresh my knowledge on structure and rules. Writing is a vital skill so grads should welcome any help on this! Add some stickers or a tote bag!

Four. Also everyone needs a copy of My Beloved World. It is so motivating and a powerful reminder that Latinas si pueden. And if they have a copy but they are heading off to work, then a copy of Ask a Manager is really helpful! Entering the workforce can be weird and this book (based off the blog) has a ton of guidance about those weird situations.

Five. Or what about commemorating the occasion and supporting a Latinx artist? Commissioning an artist print of the graduate is such a nice and fun way to celebrate this accomplishment. These are my two faves but there are so many artists online to try out!