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Sidebar: Rest and Relaxation

April owes me nothing! It was a great month full of rest. Much needed.

It started with a big professional accomplishment—I facilitated my first city-wide town hall meeting by myself. How grown up lol Basically the city often puts on open meetings to discuss important issues and receive feedback from community. And of course depending on the topic, things can go south. Thankfully, my years of experience training other attorneys, facilitating discussions, and camera work all prepared me to take this on. I was really nervous for lots of reasons but not only did it not go terrible, people enjoyed my approach so it was nice to be able to showcase those skills.

After that, there were a few more engagements, but I said adios and headed to Mexico. To beautiful Puerto Vallarta. The last time we were there, we were hearing about some weird flu-like illness but had no clue what was to come. It was so nice to return to PV and see so much had stayed the same. Except our go-to guy at Beach Club got promoted! It was nice to see him though. In Mexico, I read, rested, swam in the ocean, had yummy foods, and did my best to not check my email.

Though I did come back with a small cold it was worth it (just a cold, I tested every day out of paranoia!). There were a few more big events at work, but I wasn’t the one responsible so it was nice to attend and enjoy the program.

And most of my social life this month consisted on me attending iftars. They are actually really cool—iftars are the dinner that happens during Ramadan. I was brave and tried the food too!

April reminded me of what the world was like before the panini because I was out and about, in community, enjoying friends and fam—it was nice. I’m eager for that to return (though I’m super grateful to still get to WFH now and then!).

What was your favorite part of the month?

Ok and of course, I have to share some of my faves for the month.

First, I got my hair colored (I like it lighter in the summer). My fave is my colorist at Meraki Room, but I’m not going to name her because she’s always booked and busy and I don’t want to make it more difficult for myself. But they are all fab.

Second, my new sandals from Coach. I have yet to wear them outside but they are so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist!

My SinBono bag, I kept checking out their TikTok and loved the chain. I took it with me to Mexico and used it everynight. It was perfect and a lot fits in it even though it’s a mini bag.

I think this is a repeat, but my honey baby body jelly has been clutch this month. It feels so nice! I add it after my lotion and makes my skin super soft.

Finally, I’ve become obsessed with Topo Chico (I know, what is this 2015?), but seriously had them on vacation and ugh, so refreshing!