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    Sidebar: Rest and Relaxation

    April owes me nothing! It was a great month full of rest. Much needed. It started with a big professional accomplishment—I facilitated my first city-wide town hall meeting by myself. How grown up lol Basically the city often puts on open meetings to discuss important issues and receive feedback from community. And of course depending on the topic, things can go south. Thankfully, my years of experience training other attorneys, facilitating discussions, and camera work all prepared me to take this on. I was really nervous for lots of reasons but not only did it not go terrible, people enjoyed my approach so it was nice to be able to…

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    Latina Lawyer Gift Guide 2017

    So I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I totally use the holiday season as an excuse to buy things for myself. Wooops. Secret is out. But I can’t be the only one! In the past, I’ve shared basic/classic items that all new attorneys and law students would like–and those are all still solid choices. But, this year I thought I’d share some of the items that I have been constantly using and that translate into easy gifts for either new attorneys or law students: Statement earrings. I really love statement earrings at the moment. They aren’t too distracting–like some of my noisy statement necklaces, but add so much…

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    Networking Quick Fixes

    I basically have a general store in my office (maybe side effects from playing Oregon Trail?). But really if you need something–aspirin, a protein bar, makeup wipes, whatever–I likely have it. I just like being prepared. And this preparation has been a lifesaver for me when I’ve had “surprise” situations that required that I look better than normal. Let me clarify, I aim to always look professional at work, but it’s legal aid. We’re tres lax when it comes to a dress code. I love it, but that also means that if I just pop up to a networking event or need to run to court, I may not always…

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    Summer Fashion for New Interns: dos & don’ts

    I always am hesitant to talk about clothing and young women. I just think finger-wagging about what women in their 20s wear is such a slippery slope that leads to micro-managing, is patronizing, and just a ball of trouble. And also the older I get, the more bitter I would look going around talking about “girls” these days. Like, I’m not about that look. So here is my preface regarding this post. Wear what you want. If you need whatever flare you think is helping you feel more put together than go for it. I mean, who am I to say that that short skirt you may wear is any…

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    Latina Lawyer Gift Guide 2016

    Gift giving is probably one of my favorite things. I just love finding something specific and unique for people in my life. We have done gift guides in the past and while the basic ideas stand (most new law grads would appreciate diploma frames and current law students need gift cards), I wanted to present a guide that was a little more creative, more community-based, and pieces that scream out our identity rather than bending into what’s expected of young professionals. Most of the businesses here are small, Latinx-owned and have beautiful and unique items that many of you will love. Of course, if you like anything listed here make sure you…

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    Get It Together: Must-Have Items for your Law Office

    I have been in my the same little office space for four years now, and have very slowly acquired some must-haves to make things more bearable at work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but it’s still a job, you know? I spend most of my time at my desk, in my office, so it’s important that my desk is comfortable. Here are things at my desk that I reach for constantly. If you’re new to your office space and are unsure what items to bring I suggest the following: One. Things to make you look put together. If your firm doesn’t do business casual than you’re mostly…

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    Summertime and Your Executive Presence

    We have spoken before about executive presence and one of the prongs to forming a good reputation as a leader involves your looks. Making sure you look appropriate goes beyond just looking nice, but rather it helps increase your gravitas by showing colleagues and partners that you have enough insight and judgment to do what’s expected of your position.  More importantly, when you look put together and polished, people will assume it’s the same with your work product.  I will always remember an outside training I did a few years ago with other local legal aids.  One attorney made a side comment about how you could always tell who worked…

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    Summer Dress Code: Looking the Part as a Student Intern

    When you’re new to the legal profession one of the surprising things can be just how conservative it really is–and I don’t mean politically speaking, rather how stuffy, traditional, and serious it can be (especially in firms). So it can take time to get used to understanding the business etiquette and expectations when you’re beginning a new internship. You really want to be able to look the part as soon as you can, by dressing appropriately because it will 1) make you look like you belong; 2) not call into question your judgement; 3) not make you stand out in a negative way. I know that in a perfect world,…

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    Cultural Conflict: Finding the Balance between Keeping it Real and Selling Out

    One of the my favorite IG pics is Kermit, reminding us that we can all turn hood if we need to—and even for those of us that didn’t grow up “hood,” as people of color, we code-switch all the time. When we decide to play the game of being an attorney/joining a professional field we have to take stock of what it takes to be successful in that field and decide whether or not to assimilate to those standards. Speaking quietly, acting obedient, dressing modestly, and doing everything possible to not seem Brown is expected in seemingly all areas—even wine trains; but especially in the legal field. For example, I…

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    Throwback–Posts You May Have Missed in Our First Year

    For those new followers (or just for those that would like a refresher), here are some of the earlier posts from Latinas Uprising that are worth a revisit–especially as a new school year starts and many others will begin new jobs in the weeks to come! How would you/do you react when you’re mistaken (sometimes on purpose) as the interpreter? Different shoe options when working in conservative law offices (side note: wedges forever!) The best way to study in law school is to Study How You Study! The importance of being an active alumna, even if (or especially if) you didn’t feel very welcomed at your educational institution. How to…

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