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How to Network With Higher Income Brackets

It is common to feel like an outsider within the legal profession because we often have to network and work with people that have always been in higher income brackets than what we have experienced.  It is just statistics that we enter this profession having to navigate a system that involves working and connecting with a richer crowd—richer in both finances, resources, and in experiences that are better appreciated by the status quo.  For example, when a colleague from a wealthy family is able to backpack through Europe, a hiring partner may see that as valuable life experience.  In contrast, our life experiences that may consist of working part-time jobs to help our family are often not given the same courtesy.

Knowing that the odds are usually stacked against us, what can we do to get ahead?  I discuss three ways you can overcome economic disadvantages while networking in the ABA’s Woman Advocate newsletter.  Read it here.

networking when you're poor