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New Licenciadas! Passion, Perspective, and Grit

New Licenciadas has dropped!

In episode 6 of Licenciadas, we hear from Regina Hernandez, a legal aid attorney working at the intersection of criminal justice and civil rights. She is a supervisory attorney at Legal Aid Chicago and oversees the Criminal Records Expungement project. We hear about her journey in law school, how she overcame feeling like she didn’t belong; how she survived a rocky job market; and what it takes to succeed in public interest.

In the episode we discuss a paper Regina wrote along with another Lawtina, Lisbet Ballon, entitled: The Journey to Becoming a Latina Lawyer. Read it here

Licenciadas is a podcast from Latinas Uprising where we have conversation with other Latina lawyers who share their experiences within this profession and offer the highs and lows of their journey.