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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Options

I’m one of those odd people that don’t really enjoy breakfast food. I know–I’m a freak. I just have more of a salt tooth than sweet and most American style breakfasts are so heavy on the sweet. Also, around the time I turned 16 I stopped eating breakfast (and hello, all of Freshman year in high school I stopped eating lunch–I was the epitome of healthy eating).

I eventually starting eating lunch and dinner, but never got back on track with eating breakfast. I was a two-meal-a-day (plus snacks) person for the majority of my life. It wasn’t until law school graduation, when I started seriously reviewing my unhealthy eating habits, that I decide to give breakfast a chance.

Now, I know most people eat breakfast (and I sincerely hope most people don’t have as weird of food issues as I do), but I also know that getting into the habit of eating healthy breakfasts isn’t always easy when we have hectic school and work schedules.

So I’m sharing some of my top healthy breakfast choices that are also quick and easy!

One. Licuado Verde (Green Smoothie):

Green Smoothie

This is my top choice for breakfast! When I eat this consistently I feel like I’m on the right track because it tastes good, keeps me feeling satisfied, and is full of healthy ingredients.

Ingredients: spinach or kale; greek yogurt; mixed berries; banana; water; chia seeds

Two. Seven-Sprouted Grain English Muffins.

flourless english muffin

I love a good english muffin with butter, but to make it healthier I opt to use almond butter or avocado (no salt!). Side note, it cracks me up that “artisan toast” is a thing right now that includes spreading avocado on toast like it’s a new invention. As my mom would say, “eso es mas viejo que que!” Anyway, I especially like to use seven sprout over regular muffins because it is flourless and it seems a bit heartier/denser than the normal kind.

Three. Fruit Salad.

breakfast fruit salad

It’s not really a salad, but it’s more what occurs when I grab a bunch of fruit to eat as soon as I get into the office. I usually eat blueberries and a banana with some almond butter and follow it up with one or two clementines. This isn’t something I always eat, but I can quickly grab all the “ingredients” if I haven’t had time to make my smoothie and will instead have to eat something at work. This combo keeps me full until lunch time and I don’t feel guilty if I get a vanilla latte (non fat, obvi) in the morning because I know I’ll also be eating a healthy amount of fruit.


What are your easy and healthy go-to breakfast options?