Seeking Guest Contributors for Summer Series 2021

It’s that time again!!! Latinas Uprising is seeking 10 guest contributors for our special summer series!

We want to showcase:

  1. The varied and engaging work law students are doing this summer;
  2. Sneak peeks into the life of law grads preparing for the Bar exam; and
  3. Pre-law students who are enjoying their last summer as they prepare for the start law school.

If you fit into any of these categories, please email LatinasUprising@gmail.com with the subject line: Guest Contributor. Please provide your name; location; law school/year in school; and:

  1. If you are a current law student, please provide a brief (a couple of sentences) of what your plans are for this summer.
  2. If you are a law grad, please list what Bar exam(s) you are taking and what you would like to your subject matter to entail (i.e. financial aspect of studying for the bar; dealing with stress, etc).
  3. If you are a pre-law student, what law school you plan to attend and an idea of what your post would discuss.

The objective is to highlight the diversity of Latina law student experiences; share your story; and encourage other Latinas interested in the law. If selected, your post should be between 500-700 words; primarily in English; and one or two photographs should be submitted with your post. Additionally, you can opt to exclude your last name from the post and/or to not list the name of the agency where you intern this summer.  The series will begin at the end of May.

If interested in participating, please email Latinas Uprising by May 1, 2021


  • Giselle Garcia

    I am a latina undergrad senior who is graduating May 2021 with the hopes of taking her first LSAT exam in June. My article will consist of studying for the LSAT, working full time, being a mom to a 3 month old, and trying to get into a hybrid law school JD Program. A little background on hybrid JD programs. They now offer students who cannot relocate due to work or dependents to still obtain their JD by going to school a majority online, however in order to be an ABA-approved course, students must attend class at least one week throughout each semester.

    • latinasuprising

      Hey! That sounds great, do you mind emailing at latinasurising[at]gmail[dot]com? So I can follow up with more details.